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  1. Interesting update from USARK- "Member Alert: Herp Imports"
  2. New Mexico reptile ban still active?
  3. MorphMarket for Boas (Open now to Breeders)
  4. UNCA biology professor discovers new boa species - silver boa
  5. Wake Up, fellow herp-keepers in Colorado!
  6. Tinley
  7. Snake ban Video
  8. Dangerous Exotic Pets: Snakes
  9. 11 Attorneys General Called to Investigate HSUS
  10. KC Reptile Show
  11. Stupid Thieves
  12. USARK Lawsuit Update
  13. Question About Reptile Laws In OH!!
  14. Adams County Wisconsin DWA Ban Update
  15. Minneapolis MN: Ban on keeping lizards, snakes as pets in Minneapolis could be lifted
  16. Man to be Eaten Alive by Anaconda for Discovery Channel
  17. Recent Illinois Reptile Law
  18. In MY neck of the woods...
  19. Horrible timing!!! Act now!!!
  20. Constrictor Rule Update-Deadline July 24th!
  21. Feeder Mice Recall
  22. Local law enforcement mishandling of wild snake?
  23. YOUR Photo submissions needed!
  24. Anyone Attending The April 26th Hamburg Ny Reptile Show?
  25. Albany Show April 05, 2014
  26. USARK constrictor lawsuit update
  27. Five States Face All-out Bans or Other Restrictive Leglistation
  28. Wisconsin bill Introduced
  29. USARK Complaint
  30. Reptile Group Sues To Overturn Federal Ban On Burmese Python
  31. **** USARK Takes Action ****
  32. **** USARK Reptile Defense Fund *****
  33. Please sign this petition to review and revise the constrictor laws
  34. trying to ban boas?
  35. Heads Up W.V.
  36. Man videotapes shooting rattler get's busted
  37. Princess diamond news
  38. Panel to discuss plan to bypass NEPA reviews when banning animal imports
  39. Northern Virginia Reptile Expo
  40. Regarding the in New Brunswick Tragedy:
  41. Action Alert: No to Adding Species as Injurious
  42. *** USARK Action Alert: No on USFWS Exclusion ***
  43. Richland Center WI ordinance
  44. Utah fight for my right to own my animals!
  45. S.C.-Uncertain future for bill banning ownership of "exotic" animals
  46. Heads Up Nevada AB 246
  47. Coon Rapids MN Ordinance limiting all reptiles
  48. California Assembly Bill 339
  49. Exotic pet rules get a lot tougher in VA
  50. W.Va. lawmakers to examine House bill restricting ownership of exotic animals
  51. West Virginia Action Alert!!!!
  52. Assembly Bill 2869 - NY
  53. CT to ban Boas and Burmese pythons
  54. USARK Hires New President Going Forward
  55. Heads up-Wausau Wisconsin
  56. Breaking News!!!! Andrew Wyatt Resigns as President and CEO of USARK.
  57. 17 ft burm crashes a picnic in the Everglades
  58. Heads up Forsyth County N.C.
  59. Federal judge upholds Ohio's new exotic animal law
  60. Phoenix Repticon
  61. CNN story: Python Hunt!
  62. H.R. 511 a "solution in search of a problem"
  63. VA Recommendations Expected On Exotic Animals
  64. News out of Ohio
  65. New Study Contradicts USGS Python Climate Projections
  66. Anyone in Central Wisconsin?
  67. H.R. 511 to be heard on 11/29
  68. Exotic Animal Owners File Suit Against The State Of Ohio
  69. Disunity: A Warning from Ohio
  70. SUV full of live reptiles stolen!
  71. Dane County reptile ban to be referred on 10/09/12
  72. Previously Unidentified Virus Type Responsible for IBD
  73. Dangerous & Exotic Animals in Virginia, Updates
  74. NPR report on Boas
  75. Heads up Virginia Residents
  76. Nevada Exotic animal ban
  77. USARK Legal Action Against FWS Constrictor Rule
  78. HSUS: Lying is a Thriving Vocation
  79. USARK Call for Photos
  80. Two links!
  81. Invasive Fish and Wildlife Prevention Act of 2012 (H.R. 5864)
  82. Ohio Falls
  83. UPDATE Ohio: SB 310 Goes From Bad to Worse
  84. Ohio action alert
  85. USDA seeks change to regulate Internet and retail pet sales
  86. Boas are Here to stay, Go Reptile Nation
  87. Ohio Senate OKs bill to regulate exotics
  88. 2012 Spring Snake Count
  89. Canada needs your Help.
  90. Ohio S310 call in
  91. PA House bill 1398
  92. Ohio SB310 Up for Hearing in Ohio Again
  93. Governor Tomblin Vetoes WV SB477
  94. Repticon Denver CO
  95. W.Va. gov vetoes exotic animals ban, other bills
  96. Committee Hearing Shows Human Impact of Ohio Exotic Animal Legislation
  97. Boots on the Ground Ohio/ SB310 Opponents Hearing
  98. Tinley Summit
  99. Help RARR stop rattlesnake roundups!
  100. ALERT: Ohio SB310 Reptile Ban
  101. NARBC Summit Chicago
  102. LAST CHANCE West Virginia
  103. W.V.-Exotic, wild animal decisions will be up to the DNR
  104. W.V. Call the Governor!
  105. RED ALERT: West Virginia SB477
  106. MA law
  107. newest member of USARK, bronze member
  108. here's the Ohio bill... NOT GOOD
  109. W.V. Lawmakers duck action on exotic species
  110. OH: Bill would ban new ownership of exotic animals in Ohio
  111. Last chance: Kill wv sb477
  112. U.S. Fish and Wildlife turn blind eye to science, fact
  113. Need info please... New PA permit requirements on exotic reptiles ?????
  114. Python Ban >.<
  115. **Dane County WI meeting on 3/6**
  116. RED ALERT: HR511 Stop Python and Boa BAN NOW!
  117. Are pythons overrunning the Everglades?
  118. ALERT WI: Dane County Reptile Ban
  119. UPDATE: Rhode Island Reptile Ban Tabled
  120. Help stop the reptile ban in West Virginia! (USARK)
  121. Why are people stealing reptiles in NOCAL?
  122. Dane Co WI proposes to ban Exotics
  123. USARK Major Accomplishments
  124. more news on PETA. the people who don't like reptiles or their owners.
  125. UPDATE: Ohio, Virginia & Rhode Island
  126. Rattlesnake Roundup in Georgia Switches to Humane Wildlife Festival
  127. A Thought Provoking Article
  128. Homes where reptiles roam - Positive Reptile story
  129. And now PETA has chimed in in the snake ban....
  130. Ft. Lauderdale repticon 2012
  131. No on SB3264/ Illinois Reptile Ban
  132. USARK update!
  133. Illinois Reptile Ban Introduced / Ohio Hearing Scheduled
  134. NARBC Arlington Texas
  135. SB3264 introduced in Illinois
  136. W.Va. moves to tighten laws for wild animal owners
  137. ****overturn the python ban****
  138. Possible Name Changes and Re-branding
  139. USARK on NPR's Diane Rehm Show Today!
  140. USARK vs HSUS on the radio!
  141. Stop Rhode Island Reptile Ban
  142. Stop Rhode Island Reptile Ban
  143. IMPORTANT: "Plan B" STOP VA Reptile BAN!
  144. Stop Virginia Reptile Ban!
  145. What about "the other 5" - some clarification
  146. Newspaper article from North Eastern Reptile Breeders
  147. Burm help
  148. Attention Wisconsin residents
  149. HSUS & Florida Politicians Undermine Efforts to Kill Constrictor Rule!
  150. Another petition to sign
  151. Just an optimistic thought
  152. Post Apocolypstic Lacy Listing
  153. Precedent in filing a Law Suit against DOI , FWS and USGS
  154. Snake Ban Talk w/ Kevin McCurley, Andy & Raphael (video)
  155. Over turn the python ban from 1-17-12
  156. USARK website down? Bad omen?
  157. This whole Python Ban list mess gives me a Tummy Ache !
  158. USARK & Reptile Nation Save 5 of 9 species from FWS Constrictor Rule!
  159. Boas no longer part of the Lacey Act listing
  160. If you didn't send in your letters,
  161. U.S. set to approve python ban
  162. Secretary Ken Salazar and Senator Bill Nelson Grandstanding in FL
  163. Reply from Congressman Palazzo (MS)
  164. Virginia Alert: SB477
  165. Indiana Alert: House bill 1288
  166. USGS: Salt Water Alone Unlikely to Halt Burmese Python
  167. Chameleon vs Ant Crusher
  168. RED ALERT: Stop Federal Python BAN!
  169. Gave myself some GOLD for Christmas!
  170. Reptile Wrangling RE: Federal Constrictor Rulemaking
  171. FOX news poll on exotic pets. VOTE YES!
  172. Federal Bill to Control Snake Problem
  173. USARK Update on Ohio exotic BAN
  174. British trainee safari guide killed by bite from a black mamba
  175. Will ballbids.com effect you as a reptile owner?
  176. H.S.U.S targets West Virginia
  177. ballbids.com
  178. calling all ohioans!
  179. Should the US Government Ban Pythons? PLEASE VOTE!
  180. Columbus Dispatch on the Ban
  182. Sen. Nelson's effort to ban interstate python trade concerns wildlife officials
  183. Help STOP the REPTILE BAN in OHIO!!!
  184. Local News features BCI "Basil"
  185. Pythons in Everglades a low risk to people, state says
  186. Kasich barks; panel acts, will propose exotic-animal ban
  187. Repticon Columbia, SC
  188. Wisconsin Doesn't Ban Ownership of Exotic Animals
  189. Ohio ban bill to list all venomous, and all constrictors
  190. Ohio Governor Kasich to sign Emergency EO...
  191. Pennsylvania, Indiana, and Virginia
  192. S.C-All non natives targeted
  193. Things are about to get even more interesting in Ohio
  194. NARBC Tinley Park, Illinois
  195. Ohio Exotic-animal rules debated in secret
  196. can someone startup an auction for proexotics?
  197. Devastating Fire at Pro Exotics
  198. Repticon ICE Myrtle Beach
  199. Air Force puts more bite in pet regulations
  200. Snake salesman pleads case against regulation
  201. Oversight Committee Hearing
  202. Congressional Oversight Hearing - USARK
  203. Cant find proper category.. but prize winner of 2 contests
  204. HARKA Reptile Expo in Katy, TX: September 17 & 18
  205. NARBC Anaheim, California
  206. USARK Board Meeting Open to Public
  207. Come To Daytona NRBE!!!
  208. NRBE Daytona Auction
  209. Repticon Reno, NV August 27 & 28
  210. Boa in the local newspaper
  211. FIRExpo 2011 Moves to the "Twin Towers" Doubletree in Orlando!
  212. Daytona Breeders Expo
  213. Herp World Expo San Jose july 23-24
  214. Myrtle Beach Reptile Expo
  215. Repticon Charlotte August 6 & 7
  216. Repticon Pensacola August 13 & 14
  217. Parents face 35 years in jail after hungry eight-foot pet python kills two-year-old.
  218. 2yrs Later.......................
  219. google +
  220. Houston show?
  221. Need Advice - Pet Store With Horrible Conditions
  222. Repticon Columbia, SC
  223. Reptile Super Show - San Diego, California
  224. Repticon - Columbia, SC. - June 18 & 19
  225. DOI Defies Obama Executive Order; Thousands of Jobs Threatened
  226. Texas Reptiles San Antonio Show
  227. Repticon Orlando
  228. USFWS ignores "best available science"... again!
  229. USARK Meets with White House Office for Oversight RE: Snake Ban
  230. What do you think of this paper?
  231. USGS Denies Due Process to Reptile Industry
  232. Animal Rights Terrorist
  233. Reptile Industry Calls for Congressional Oversight on US Fish & Wildlife Service
  234. S 2011: Sports Safety Modernization Act
  235. Ohio DNR request for public comment
  236. Repticon Charlotte
  237. An auction for USARK
  238. FWS Files Final Rule/Constrictor Ban
  239. Elephant in the Living Room
  240. Tom Cruchfield home / shots fired
  241. Repticon Tampa
  242. Repticon Columbia, SC
  243. Texas HB1788 Repeal of Road Cruising Ban
  244. Sad News from Korea
  245. facebook auctions
  246. Texas Reptiles San Antonio Show
  247. cool article i saw
  248. NO Ban in Pennsylvania
  249. Connecticut: Public Comment / Reptile Ban
  250. Houston Repticon show