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  1. [Temperature] Keeping cool side temps down in summer
  2. [Temp-General] Humidity/temp control, hide placement
  3. [Humidity] baby
  4. [Flexwatt/UTH] 20 degree difference in enclosure with Heat Tape & Porcelain tile
  5. [Temp-General] DIY heatrock?
  6. [Humidity] Zoo-med Forest Floor
  7. [Humidity] 80% Humidity too high?
  8. [Temp-General] 3D printed Hide
  9. [Temp-General] Ceramic heat emitters, heating pad, and dimmer switch and thermostat questions
  10. [Temp-General] Wood in Red Tail Tank
  11. [Ambient Heat] Heat Panel Warping / Ambient Temp Questions/Thoughts/Observations
  12. [Humidity] Best substrate for a mountain boa?
  13. [Ambient Heat] Strange heat panel behavior
  14. [Thermostats] How-To Piggy Back Thermostat
  15. [Temperature] Heating large sterilite tub = 2 UTH's not enough
  16. [Thermostats] Thermostat maxing out???
  17. [Humidity] Humidity & Substrate Info and Questions
  18. [Humidity] Compressed Coconut Fiber Substrate + Advice on "Real-Feeling" fake plants.
  19. [Temperature] Night Time Temps.
  20. [Humidity] The never ending substrate question
  21. [Temp-General] Beautiful display setups?
  22. [Flexwatt/UTH] Making a 1/8 gap between plastic tubs & heat tape on rack
  23. [Heat Placement] I've got the snake pooh blues
  24. [Heat Placement] UTH issues.
  25. [Ambient Heat] Preparing for a new boa (three weeks) and im having trouble with ambient temps
  26. [Temp-General] Anybody in Colorado?
  27. [Temp-General] Not sure where to put this but... My Big Guy Pulled a Houdini! Please help!
  28. [Humidity] humidity issues
  29. [CHE/Heat Lamp] Heat lamp vs UTH for only source of heat
  30. [CHE/Heat Lamp] Infrared heat spot bulb
  31. [Heat Placement] New to Forum and to Redtail Boa Care
  32. [Temperature] Cool side temperature minimum?
  33. [Flexwatt/UTH] flexwatt question
  34. [Temperature] A Change in Bedding
  35. [Ambient Heat] RHP questions
  36. [Temperature] Fluker's heat pad under sterilite tub
  37. [Temp-General] Insulating 40 gallon glass tank
  38. [Temp-General] herpstat 4 controlling multiple vivarium?
  39. [Humidity] Snakes Hanging Out In Water Bowl?
  40. [Radiant Heat] RHP Installation
  41. [Temp-General] ROCHESTER, NY Reptile Expo (REXPO)
  42. [Temperature] Temperature is the same on both sides of his cage.
  43. [Flexwatt/UTH] flex watt heat tape for Bloods???
  44. [Temp-General] Best Heating setup given my enclosure?
  45. [CHE/Heat Lamp] UTH vs. Lamp for Red Tails
  46. [Ambient Heat] Boa on cool end
  47. [Radiant Heat] RBI or Pro Product panels?
  48. [Temperature] Anyone use these?
  49. [Temperature] Pro Products RHP Questions
  50. [Thermostats] Probe placement and Herpstat 4
  51. [Radiant Heat] Broken Heat pad
  52. [Humidity] Soaking - Pro's & Con's
  53. [Temperature] I cant get my ambient temp up, any suggestions?
  54. [Temperature] Boa Heat Issues
  55. [Temp-General] Getting Ready For Winter
  56. [Temperature] can't keep the heat up!
  57. [CHE/Heat Lamp] Issues with heating new boa cage - CagesbyDesign 4X4X2
  58. [Temp-General] Satan Boa! I challenge you!!!
  59. [Temperature] Building an Ideal Habitat
  60. [Temperature] 1st Time Owner/First Time Enclosure
  61. [Thermostats] Thermostat on a household bulb for heat, bulb might break?
  62. [Temp-General] Heat Difficulties
  63. [Temp-General] Using both Flexwatt and RHP
  64. [Temperature] Boa Room Complete!
  65. [Radiant Heat] RHP vs. Basking light/UTH
  66. [Humidity] shedding
  67. [Humidity] Room Humidity VS Tank Humidity
  68. Using wrong hide!!
  69. [CHE/Heat Lamp] Need dome info
  70. [Temp-General] RHP vs UTH
  71. [Flexwatt/UTH] Options for safely covering flexwatt?
  72. [Flexwatt/UTH] undertank heat question ????????
  73. [Temp-General] Weather reports from Central America
  74. [CHE/Heat Lamp] new to boas,new enclosure
  75. [Humidity] Humidity Questions
  76. [Temp-General] Central American Boa Enclosure Dimensions
  77. [Temp-General] Thermo-Hygro Placement
  78. [Heat Placement] Under Tank Heaters Placement
  79. [Thermostats] Question about using a VE200D
  80. [Temperature] Recommended Heat Pad Temperature
  81. [Humidity] In a fit I smashed my fogger
  82. [Temperature] wooden enclosure, best way to heat??
  83. [Humidity] humidor beads
  84. [Humidity] new babies and I need some help!
  85. [Ambient Heat] Setting Up Dedicated Reptile Room
  86. [Ambient Heat] I just finished my my two 6'x2'x2' Melamine Cages
  87. [Temp-General] Proper temp readings - something isn't right?
  88. [Heat Placement] New Encloure I Would Like Advice.
  89. [Temperature] Advice needed
  90. [Temp-General] New Boaphile 421D
  91. [Thermostats] Average Temp Setting For Thermostat?
  92. [Temp-General] Tstat newb, hydrofarm here, temps don't seem accurate, worried
  93. [Humidity] Humidity
  94. [Humidity] new tactics
  95. [Humidity] High Humidity, Possibly Too High?
  96. [Radiant Heat] Big jump in electric bill after RHP and Herpstat install.
  97. [Thermostats] proportional versus on off type thermostat.
  98. [Temp-General] Temp/humidity monitor
  99. [Heat Placement] Question about CHE and UTH placement on a tub setup
  100. [Thermostats] Opinions on dwyer thermostats...
  101. [Temp-General] Picking up where someone left off, I could use a little help and insight. Any advise?
  102. [Humidity] Room selection in house
  103. [Heat Placement] Rookie mistake!
  104. [Ambient Heat] Using two UTH (one for hot side, one for cool side)- colder room
  105. [Flexwatt/UTH] Using Flexwatt Heat tape on a tub
  106. [Thermostats] Helix Thermostat Lifespan
  107. [Ambient Heat] 40 Gallon Breeder Set-Up Help PLS
  108. [Humidity] Humidity during winter!!
  109. [Temp-General] Heat Tape Size for 6x3x2 Enclosure
  110. [Heat Placement] Back Heat
  111. [Humidity] helpful humidity tip for winter!
  112. [Temperature] should i be running a day and night cycle?
  113. [Temperature] Temps in cage
  114. [Humidity] Is my humidity too high?
  115. Thermostat questions
  116. [Temperature] hotspot temp variance plastic vivs
  117. [Heat Placement] Where to put the UTH in a paludarium set up?
  118. [Temp-General] Boa doesnt like substrate?
  119. [Heat Placement] Enclosure idea
  120. [Temperature] Ambient Air Temp in Screen Covered 20-gallon Long
  121. [Temperature] Ambient cage temp without heating entire room
  122. [Temp-General] Pearl Island Boas
  123. [Temp-General] taking my class to the Amazon!
  124. [Humidity] Pearl Island Boa Enclosure
  125. [Temperature] Snake room
  126. [Humidity] Tank or Tub??
  127. [Humidity] Misting systems
  128. [Ambient Heat] Ambient running too low!
  129. [Heat Placement] Heated water bowl
  130. [Ambient Heat] What size of the ceramic heat emitter..?
  131. [Humidity] Control?
  132. [Temperature] Summer and hot spots
  133. [Humidity] New Enclosure and new bedding issue with humidity
  134. [Ambient Heat] Enclosure's Ambient Temperature
  135. [Flexwatt/UTH] Got a big cage--do I need more Flexwatt?
  136. [Flexwatt/UTH] Flexwatt questions
  137. [Temperature] Has anyone tried back heating as opposed to belly heat?
  138. [Temp-General] Need help, baby boa habitat set up, first time snake owner
  139. [Flexwatt/UTH] Best heat rope?
  140. [Temperature] Are my temperatures ok?
  141. [Temp-General] Heat Issues
  142. [Temp-General] "stacking" cages/racks
  143. [Humidity] Controlling Humidity
  144. [Humidity] Live Plants
  145. [Humidity] How high is too high for humidity
  146. [Flexwatt/UTH] Uneven Hot Spot
  147. [Humidity] Anyone Use Cypress Mulch For Boas?
  148. [Flexwatt/UTH] UTH: The Probe
  149. [Temperature] Hiding... in the hide...
  150. [Temperature] Power Outtage :C
  151. [Temp-General] discussion on belly heat
  152. [Ambient Heat] Enclosure heat
  153. [Temp-General] Finally the time has come!
  154. [Temperature] Need help with temperatures! (Surface and ambient)
  155. [Temp-General] pine bedding help
  156. [Temperature] Heating question with boaphile cage - sorry if it is dumb.
  157. [Flexwatt/UTH] Ventilation and Heating for Tubs
  158. [Temperature] New Boaphile 2x flexwatt
  159. [Temp-General] New Setup for Big Bua
  160. [Heat Placement] Boaphile Heating
  161. [Thermostats] Probe placement for RHPs?
  162. [Thermometers] Close call, backup heater test!
  163. [Heat Placement] Sterilite Tub
  164. [Temperature] Temp/Humidity gage combo-good deal
  165. [Temperature] Multiple questions on heating
  166. [Humidity] URGENT - New enthusiast seeking advice on viv
  167. [CHE/Heat Lamp] New wooden cage
  168. [Thermostats] Vivarium Electronics vs Herpstat???
  169. [Humidity] An idea to maintain humidity, input please
  170. [Temperature] Power outage last night... bad bad bad
  171. [Flexwatt/UTH] Best way to use FlexWatt?
  172. [Temp-General] deminsions
  173. [Temperature] Space heaters
  174. [Temperature] keeping temp up in a plastic tub?
  175. [Temp-General] Air flow concern
  176. [Thermostats] Anyone use Vivarium Electronics Ve-100?
  177. [Humidity] Help! No humidity guage
  178. [Humidity] Water Bowl
  179. [Heat Placement] Hey!, Meet Hades and take a look at his home. In MUCH need of help for his comfort.
  180. [Flexwatt/UTH] Dimmer can't get UTH less than 95?
  181. [Temp-General] Looking to upgrade
  182. [Temperature] Room heating
  183. [Temperature] Oh my God. I lost them all.. I am about to cry...
  184. [Thermometers] Digital thermometers and hygrometers
  185. [Temp-General] Rubbermaid enclosure appropriateness
  186. [Temperature] Boa never uses hotspot
  187. [Thermostats] Choices!
  188. [Humidity] humidity help please
  189. [Temperature] Night drop? Humidity for shed?
  190. [Temp-General] Question 421d
  191. [Heat Placement] Custom Enclosure: Heat panel size?
  192. [Thermostats] Hydrofarm thermostat
  193. [Temperature] How hot is too hot?
  194. [Thermostats] 421D Boaphile, Do I need a Thermostat if I choose the Radiant Heat Panel?
  195. [Temperature] Extech 42506
  196. [Temp-General] Zoo creatures in Plaistow,NH
  197. [Humidity] HELP - with Humidity and being too wet
  198. [Temperature] 24 hr heat source or day time only????????
  199. [Thermostats] Thermostat Probe Question
  200. [Humidity] hobby lobby for moss and other synthetic plants
  201. [Temp-General] cabinet conversions
  202. [Humidity] 70% humidity..
  203. [Heat Placement] 40 gallon breeder help
  204. [CHE/Heat Lamp] Issue with heating bulbs
  205. [Temperature] Heating concerns
  206. [Temperature] 30 gallon temp ques
  207. [Temperature] Need basking heat help!
  208. [Temp-General] Question you guys
  209. [Temp-General] Housing
  210. [Humidity] Humidity question
  211. [Temperature] Need some advice please :)
  212. [Humidity] A better substrate?
  213. [Temperature] looking to make a snake building
  214. [Temp-General] Not using hides and other random things.
  215. [Temp-General] New to RTBs, building a custom enclosure, need advice
  216. [Temperature] Please help me
  217. [Temperature] Always hiding
  218. [Thermostats] Herpstat Pro 4 - Best thing. Ever.
  219. [Temperature] This good temps?
  220. [Temperature] How do you check temps?
  221. [Temp-General] New blog on temperatures and humidity for Boa Constrictors
  222. [Humidity] Questions on water filtration/ running water?
  223. [Temperature] [Newbie] Heating issue/???????'s!!!
  224. [Humidity] tubs staying too humid
  225. [Humidity] Cleaning the cages
  226. [Thermostats] Warmer environment = EXTREMELY HOT CAGES?!
  227. [Thermostats] Do I need two thermostats?
  228. [Humidity] New tank need advice on how to keep it stable
  229. [Ambient Heat] My new red tail boa
  230. [Ambient Heat] Thermometer?
  231. [Humidity] Looking for a way to help keep humidity in a tank?
  232. [Temperature] Alternate ways of heating
  233. [CHE/Heat Lamp] Help Installing CHE
  234. [Humidity] STILL having humidity issues
  235. [Humidity] Soaking dish
  236. [Temperature] Is it to soon to worry
  237. [Flexwatt/UTH] 41qt madness!
  238. [Flexwatt/UTH] Two heating questions.
  239. [Radiant Heat] New RBI RHP. Quick Question?
  240. [Flexwatt/UTH] Pre Wired Flex Watt
  241. [Temperature] Laser Temp Gun Readings
  242. [Temperature] What would you do?
  243. [Temperature] home made heat mat good or bad idea?
  244. [Temp-General] May I suggest another sticky thread?
  245. [Ambient Heat] Room Heater Size
  246. [Humidity] Humidity is through the roof
  247. [Thermostats] Thermostat (tstat) Guide
  248. [Humidity] TOO humid?
  249. [Temperature] Temporary cage up and running. Now for the questions.
  250. [Humidity] Humidity in boaphile