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Question on Temperature lighting...

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by , 04-06-2014 at 03:14 PM (2441 Views)
Well even tho i just gotten my male Brazilian rainbow boa yesterday. I know i'm suppose to wait at least a week before i first handling just so he can get use to his new home and habitat. Even tho he is a new born and he bite me twice yesterday lol.. I was just too excited about handling him so i couldn't wait a week but instead i handle him today for a good 20 mins, and he was not striking at me or trying to bite me.. But is it bad to continuously spray inside the cage to keep it moist to keep the humidity above 70? I had an extra lighting but the bulb is a 100 watts so it keeps drying out the water. My BRB is about 2-3 weeks old. I have a photo of him in the gallery if you want to check it out.. Although i'm having his enclosure custom build i wont receive it till sometime in may. So i'm trying to keep it at tropical, but i sometimes feel i'm spraying too much in the cage. I spray when the humidity gets below 70..

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  1. weird_science04's Avatar
    It is best if you post all your questions under boa care or rainbow boa forum. Then it shows up for all to see.



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