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Silk is Going to the (Expensive) Reptile Vet Tomorrow

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by , 06-24-2015 at 04:06 PM (7570 Views)
Well, despite having a bad tooth that desperately needs work on soon, I'm taking that money and going 45 miles away to Apple Valley Animal Hospital for a second opinion on how best to treat Silk. Supposedly this is a real reptile vet (and they are), it's just that I feel they listen to everything I have to say and really care nothing about my concerns. Everything is really expensive because it is for an "exotic" pet. It is $60 to get in the door and one single-view X-ray is $170. I have to rent a car for a full day, buy gas, go to the vet appointment with the seven-foot snake and all her paraphenalia, and put up with an 18-year-old son who wants to go everywhere in Victorville just because we have a vehicle (never mind we have Silk with us). Keep in mind it is going to be in the 100'sF and I hate driving because I am terrified I'll wreck the car or get a ticket. What I'm terrified most about is asking all my questions and finding out I'll have to euthanize Silk because her jaw is never really going to heal fully, if at all. But I keep thinking, "What if her jaw isn't really broken?" I have to find out for sure, even if it means the worst, because I have to stop the endless cycle of doubts and what-ifs going through my head. All I know is that I have lost all confidence in the vet here in Barstow. Everything that I have done to try and help Silk the last few weeks has been because I went out and got possibilities and did the best I could with them. It is not because the vet knew what to do and how to do it. Wish me luck everybody!

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