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Silk is Okay!

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by , 06-26-2015 at 12:51 AM (2492 Views)
So this morning we got the rental car, packed it up with pet paraphenalia and the two snakes, and went to Apple Valley Animal Hospital. I was extremely anxious but the vet examined her jaw and found nothing wrong. To be sure, a series of X-rays of her head and jaw were taken. Again, nothing was found that was wrong-no broken jaw! The lady vet here at Barstow had had me chasing my tail and tube-feeding her for no real reason at all. Poor Silk! But it was such a relief to know I had no reason to have her euthanized and could take her home for hopefully any more years together. My son and I spent the day in Victorville like he wanted, with Silk in the stroller under a blanket masquerading as a baby and Hurly in his pet carrier in the mall-no one noticed! We ate lunch at Sonic, a drive-in where you order the food alongside your car, they bring the food out to you, and you eat in the car. Silk and Hurly were happy sitting in our laps while we ate. We came home to a monumental task-get Silk to eat. First, I tried feeding Hurly. It was a no-go: he wasn't hungry yet. So then it was Silk's turn. Did she want Hurly's left overs? Nope. We tried everything for 10 minutes to get her to eat either the small-medium rat that Hurly didn't eat (yes, it was re-heated for her) or a XXX large rat. Finally I gave up. Even though Silk had eaten nothing except three small rats and endured four tube-feedings since October 2014, she apparently was not going to eat this time either. Sadly, I got a bag and put the rats in it and set it on the counter to dispose of later. Both the rats had made a mess out of the tub and of Silk so I turned the water on, making sure it was the right temp for her. Incredibly, I saw Silk start to hunt amongst her coils for the rats. She was hungry! Leaving the water running, I presented her with the small-medium rat. She took it! She wanted to eat in the shower with the water running! How crazy! Then I got desperate and waited until she finished the small rat and shoved in the XXX large rat right on the tail of the smaller one. Yes, I power fed her- her first real meal since October 2014. I left the water running until she was done and had put her up for the night. What a crazy day!

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