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by , 03-07-2017 at 11:45 PM (1238 Views)
Quote Originally Posted by nicholsbl View Post
Ok so Right now I only have one male red tail. well atleast thats what I was told he was and after watching videos and stuff im pretty sure hes a male. He was just kinda handed off to me at a party. Either way hes cool and I really enjoy him but def have a lot to learn. Have NO desire to get another one anytime in the near future. But in typical me fashion I have to research the hell outta everything and look at ALL the but what if I get this or add this variables lol.

Is there a way to guess his age based off his length? Again using "he" cause I have talked myself into feeling the bump on his tail haha but he is roughly 5 inches longer than my arm so maybe 3ft?

Not knowing all the different colors he is what I would call the basic color like you get from an average pet store. If I was to get a female down the line am I limited to what color combo I could add to him? Not knowing the age is there a certain length they get to before they are best for breeding? (truely not planning on breeding because I def don't have the room/cages required for this....or really over the fear just yet of being bit lol)

I have read what I can find online but it is def limited information and i live right in the middle of BFE so there def isn't any breeders around here.

If anyone would like to chat I am always up for learning new things.....and if you can throw any info in about the corn snake and ball that I acquired with my cousins kids that would be helpful also. I would say the big *** hairy spider to but I'm not going anywhere near that dang thing!
That maybe the case with most others. But I'm actually more interested in the genetic aspect of things. If I was looking at something to make money snakes would not be it. I don't live in the right area for that.

I used to raise beagles with my gramps until he got to sick to mess with them and we have a starting pen to train them in so we also raised rabbits to keep it stocked. I kept major records of what was bred to what and gave me what because we cross bred different types to get something that worked well to train the dogs but would have to out cross to a non desired color then have to try to get back to the wild color.

To me that's what's the coolest. The following different genetic lines. Other than petsway an hour away one direction and a MA and pa type pet store an hour the other direction there isn't anything snake related around me other than the wild ones so even if I was actually into breeding it would make any sense to because there isn't anyway to move them.

So I while I was excited when I found this site thinking it would be a place to learn stuff I can see being attacked is the way it is and I shall look else where for others to chat with.

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