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A little confusion

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by , 12-15-2014 at 02:59 PM (6152 Views)
First off I had a very stressful time getting humidity up and the heating right for my Columbian Rainbow Boa. I spent a week like a new mom constantly working on it and not sleeping well over it, lol! I have read a million things and I love this forum. I just seem a bit confused on maybe the age of my snake? They told me he was 6 months old but he seems thick. He's at least 3 feet long. Also what age is "adulthood" for him? He's great at being handled (as this is my first owned snake, that's a credit to him), except when I try to put him down!! He explores me like crazy and never sits still on me and when I go to put him back he wraps around me and ended up mostly in the hood of my sweater once! Any tips or ideas would be appreciated! Thanks!

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  1. Serenityskyz's Avatar
    I was hoping for some answers but maybe nobody has any?! When Benny is active at night I hear a lot of noise and he's climbing and falling! He raises up and slides along the top and goes to far and lands down, is that normal behaviour? Can he get hurt? I was thinking he needs more climbing items in his tank. He has a big rock, a bridge, and some plants so far. If you have any tips, please share!! Thanks
  2. Serenityskyz's Avatar
    Benny never wants to be put back down!? I hold him everyday and if he's out of his hide when I clean and freshen water he climbs out. The only issue I have is putting him back!! He moves back up my arm and tightens, is that normal or is he unhappy in his setup I wonder
  3. Serenityskyz's Avatar
    So I have not found anyone to talk to in my local area about Benny and most of the people around here think I'm crazy. Somebody I work with at school said "only people on drugs have snakes" and she jokingly asked if I was on crack (sorry if that is not appropriate but it's a quote). I understand she was joking with me and I said nothing but in every veiled humour there is some truthful feeling. I find this hurtful.logically thinking If I was on drugs I wouldn't be taking good care of a snake first of all, lol! I work hard at 2 jobs and raise my girls with love and care towards animals (they are 6 & 12 years old) and how isn't that a good thing?! Someone said how dangerous that was what if it escapes and bites them? Nobody wants to hear the truth of how great and gentle he is, my daughters ask a million questions (just like me), and are already helping me care for him, this is only a positive thing. Time will tell if I can show people my side and educate them. In every forum I still don't receive any answers and thank goodness for the internet since I feel very unsupported in my new passion and it's a little lonely when your bursting with joy and questions and there isn't anyone to share in it
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  4. Serenityskyz's Avatar
    Wow, my last post made me a little sad, so I need to write some good news! I recently rescued/received two corn snakes that hadn't eaten for a while and one in particular was in fairly rough shape. I know I have read everywhere not to bring in snakes where you see their spine or aren't well but I couldn't say no! I quarantined them from Benny so it's not a worry and I don't handle without washing. So now I have a 3 foot male lavender corn snake and a (just under) 2 foot anery motley female. They were both so dehydrated they drank all the water I gave them and kept soaking. My oldest daughter waited until late to eat dinner because she was so into helping me get them set up! It was such a nice bonding feeling. The female is very frail and tiny, I'm still worried about her. They both ate very quickly and didn't care that they used to be fed live (I would only do F/T) and didn't need adjustment time they were so hungry. I think the male was just dehydrated and looks fine already. They always think opening there tanks (they are separate) is feeding time so they mustn't have been handled much. When they settle I will work on that. Oh yes, names. The female is Raven as she is a beautiful Anery and the whole opposites thing, lol! And the male lavender is Alice. After Alice Cooper, seems fitting as he has a song where a girl asks why he is a boy named Alice and he tells her she wouldn't understand. So my lavender boy is Alice
  5. Serenityskyz's Avatar
    So Benny my Columbian Rainbow is doing great, I have a repti-fogger on a timer now. Humidity problem solved. Alice my lavender Corn is way more docile with daily handling, as now he sees people do not only reach in to give food! Raven my Motley is great now that you can't see her spine, she's eating well and her scales are great. I found this trick online to put her in a wet pillow case and let her crawl out to polish her bad shed and it worked. I didn't even realize that her funny scales were "stuck on shed" when I got her because it wasn't big pieces, I though she was loosing scales because I got her in bad shape! She's good as new now and has the most inquisitive attitude! She doesn't hide anymore, she rushes to the edge of her tank to watch me every second she gets!!
  6. Serenityskyz's Avatar
    So I went to the Toronto Reptile Expo and picked up a new snake from a rescue place. She is a Salmon Boa! 2 1/2 (ish) based on what they could tell, the owner who dropped her off at the recue said she was "possible supper" but she won't be bred so we will never know! What a lovely girl she is. Everyone else is shedding well and eating well and happy (as far as I know). I have pictures of my new Boa named Saiyan on my page.



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