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every 5 day eater wont eat now....

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by , 04-05-2014 at 04:03 PM (4313 Views)
i have a almost 2 year old regular redtail. When i fist got him he eat every five days and was the perfect eater. I no snakes sometimes will not eat in the winter but i cant get him to eat now and its april. He is averaging ever 30 days now the last to feedings. my hot is 89.3 and cool is 79.7 the are two hides one on both ends fresh water and humity averages around 56%. Now he is going over 30 days without food . He has lost weight you can tell and he ant as active as he was. I am worried cause i herd the fisrt two years are the most important Is that true? For size and health i mean. If anyone could help me figure out whats wrong or should i just keep waiting to see if he comes around and starts eating like he suppose to. also what should he weigh and how long should he be on average. thanks in advance for the help

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