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      10-06-2006 06:26 PM

      Default what makes a boa or any other snake a double het?

      i'v just heard of other snakes being double hets and i have no clue how they get to be double het. can anyone help?

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      04-23-2012 08:30 PM

      Default Re: what makes a boa or any other snake a double het?

      the phrase dh means that a snake is the carrier of 2 different dh snow is a boa that is a het for anery and albino...dh striped albino is a boa that is a het for striped and albino....

      now dh ghost and dh sunglow are a lil different...even though the salmon/hypo trait is co/dom and a het salmon isnt possible it is labeled as such...dh sunglow is just a hypo het albino and the hypo trait is counted as a het even though its a instead of sayin hypo het albino its is labeled as dh sunglow or ghost...ive never agreed with this but thats the way it goes in the industry...i feel hypos that are het for something should be called what they het anery or hypo het albino just for the simple reason that the hypo gene cant be labeled as het because its co/dom

      you would get a dh snow by breeding an albino and anery...making all offspring het for albino and anery(dh) same with the above mentioned example...dh striped albino...breed an albino to a genetic striped boa and get all offspring het albino and stripe



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