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      Default Arabesque Boa morph

      I have a question...What boas would I need in order to produce Arabesque Boa babies....just wondering becuase it is something have thought about doing in the future...(provided time and money allows me to.)

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      Default Re:Arabesque Boa morph

      Actually you simply need Arabesque boas. My understanding is that it is a dominate trait morph, so you would would need to purchase an arabesque or two to produce them. Check Pete Kahls&#039; site for more accurate information. And get the bank account ready, they are not cheap.

      If I am not mistaken he has produced Salmon and Albino Arabesque as well.
      Here is a picture from Pete&#039;s site showing an regular Arabesque and Albino Arabesque. Pete has amazing boas.

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      Default Re:Arabesque Boa morph

      thanks Clay, I figured they cost alot which is why I was hoping I could get cheeper boas that have the right genetics that would produce arabesque boas. Oh well, I guess I bettter start saving some money... LOL

      Thanks Clay



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