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    Thread: What temperature levels should I maintain in my boas enclosure?

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      Default What temperature levels should I maintain in my boas enclosure?

      What temperature levels should I maintain in my boas enclosure?

      ================================================== ======
      Please pay very close attention to this section. This is the MOST important requirement for the long term health of your boa. Enclosure temperatures.* These are tropical animals and should be maintained within a tropical temperature range of 80 - 92F.* *My enclosures are maintained at an ambient temperature of 82 ° F. A basking area with temps in the low 90's is also always available. This allows the boa constrictor to thermoregulate, and control it's own body temp. It must have a place where it can go to "warm" up and a place to go where it can "cool" down.

      **Important** This seems to be where the majority of confusion comes in to play. People have different meanings or understandings of ambient and basking temperatures. Since I am suggesting that BOTH of these temperature gradients are required to ensure proper thermoregulation, I thought these definitions may help. Also since a lot of this confusion stems from the definition of ambient and basking temperatures, let me produce some definitions that better translate the two words. Here are a couple of dictionary lookups.

      (a.) Encompassing on all sides; circumfused; investing. Existing or present on all sides.
      (b.) Something that surrounds or invests; as, air . . . being a perpetual ambient.
      (c.) Environmental or surrounding conditions

      (a.) To lie in warmth; to be exposed to diffusing or productive heat.
      (b.) To warm by continued exposure to heat; to warm with difussing heat.

      So with those dictionary explanations in mind, this is MY understanding of these 2 terms and the basis for how this care guide is written, and they are:

      Ambient. The ambient temperature is AWAY from the heat source. This is the temperature reading of the AIR. It should be taken on the cool side of the enclosure AWAY from the heat source. This ambient temperature of 82 ° F applies to the air inside your enclosure.

      Basking. The basking area, or the side of the enclosure with the heat sources, will be 90° to 92°. This measurment is taken on or under the physical heating devices, such as a CHE or Heat Mat or Heat Lamp. A temperature gauge should be temporarily positioned in the basking spot in order to obtain this reading.

      Summary: Unless you are breeding your boas, This temperature range should be maintained YEAR ROUND!* Your boa should NOT feel cold when you take it out of its enclosure.*However they should not feel hot either. The comparison is that a boa's temperature will be an average of 83 or 84 degrees. Your body temp is 98.6. Therefore holding a boa should be a little cooler than your own temp and never hotter. MOST health problems associated with boas are temperature related.

      Important! Location of Heat Sources. It is best to have all heat sources on one end of an enclosure. For example, if you use an Under-the-tank Heater (UTH) and an overhead Ceramic Heat Emitter (CHE), then they should be on the same side of the enclosure. This arrangement should provide not only the correct basking temperature, but also create the proper ambient temperature on the other or "cool" end of the enclosure
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