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    • 1 Post By Noelle7206

    Thread: Intro From Philly

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      05-17-2017 04:51 PM

      Default Intro From Philly

      Hey everyone, My name is anthony and I am excited to be in this community to seek advice!
      I have a Banana Ball Python named Jeffrey that Ive been caring for a year now and he is awesome. Recently I purchased a Hypo Albino Blood Red tail Possible het female. She is gorgeous but im a little concerned with her posture lol. She is consistently in an S form while im holding her and is skiddish. she does straighten out and is acting curious/normal but I think maybe im doing something wrong? Ive had her for Two weeks now and handle her once a day for 15/20 mins. Two days ago I stuck my face close to the tank to observe the temp/humidity and she struck at the glass. Should I be worried? She hasnt hissed at me so I dont know if im on the right track?

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      05-21-2018 12:47 AM

      Default Re: Intro From Philly

      Hi Anthony! Stop putting your face up to the tank, you're scaring your snake, LOL!

      Here's the thing: snakes do NOT recognize you visually, like through the glass....they see motion & if they're hungry, they chase the motion (NOT knowing what it is); if they're not hungry, they may actually

      feel defensive & afraid. Snakes that survive do so by relying on their instincts...those instincts tell them to fear what seems to be a big scary predator. Likewise, in the wild, anything that picks them up is

      normally a predator that's about to eat them. Snakes BEST senses are their sense of smell, which is extremely accurate (so make sure you don't smell like their food, like after handling rodents) and their

      sense of touch. You can communicate quite a bit (that you aren't trying to hurt them, for example...that you're safe to be with) by how you touch & handle them.

      Eventually, with gentle patient handling, most learn to feel safe with us...but don't expect that to happen overnight. Just be patient & consistent, but not so much yet. You've only had this snake for "2 weeks".

      ***Actually, our best advice is NOT to handle any snake for the first couple weeks+++ while they "settle in"...and also, don't handle them until they've fed at least twice at normal intervals for their size.***

      Boas generally have very good appetites, but all snakes have their own personality, & handling too soon may make many of them refuse to eat, or regurgitate their meal once you feed to avoid.

      Snakes are the most nervous when we first approach them and when we're putting them back in their cage. For that reason, sometimes it's better to handle them for a longer time, so they have a real chance

      to relax with you. Those short handling sessions you've been doing are too abrupt, & making her more slow down. But first, give her time to settle in and regain her confidence without any handling-

      her whole world just changed without explanation when she came to live with you...and she's naturally still afraid. Pay attention to her body language as you have been & try to imagine being in her place.
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