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  • Any ideas?

    I have a bumblebee now, well my girlfriend does. What should I pair him with? I have a normal female, I want to get another morph soon so I want to make the best combination possible. What about a fire?

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    Re: Any ideas?

    There are sooo many options my friend,sooo many.
    Let's jump into my shoes for a minute if u don't mind.
    These would be some options

    Pastel (killer bees)




    Cinny/Black Pastel

    Pin Stripe

    Those are just the tip of the ice berg using co doms/doms.

    You can go even further and use recessives





    There are so many paint jobs with BP's the possibilities are endless.

    I personally love the fires but not one I'm eager to stick into a Bee project.
    They are great for being "cleaners" and producing Black eyed lucy's but that's about it.
    Something you should look into are vanillas. They are movin up in the Bp world and within the next year our 2 are gonna be very very popular.
    Main thing is to produce what u want to to prodcue and what u like and go from there.
    Those examples I gave are just a few that I would love to plug into a Bee project,just my .02 really.

    Be sure to keep me posted on what u decide.

    P.S a good long term project would be a Pied of


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      Re: Any ideas?

      check out they have some vids on you tube that show some of the combos with BP's but if theres a way to make pieds with a bee wowee dont know too much of BP's but theres ALOT


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        Re: Any ideas?

        An albino.. ya that would be interesting, and pieds that would be awesome. To use pieds I would first have to produce pieds het for bumblebees right? Has anyone breed bees to albinos?