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Breeding size/age question

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  • Breeding size/age question

    Hello friends! I have another breeding related question for you. I have a pastel famale boa constrictor imperator (supposed to be mixed with b.c.c) that is 3 years and 7 months old now. I'm planning to breed her next year with my pastel male (3 years old 5 feet long). The fact is that she is now a little less than 5 ft long. I've bought her by a friend in november 02, she was 3,5 ft long but at first was a shy feeder and did not grow so much. Since march she will eat anything and will grow fast! If she will reach near 5,5-6ft can i breed her next year without problems? I've eared that some breeders try to breed 4 ft female boas if they are more than 3 years old. I don't thing i can have problems with my male that is 5ft and 3 years old now.
    Thank you!

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    Re:Breeding size/age question

    Hi Python2000,

    Based on the age they are fine to breed. Just make sure that both, especially the femal has enough weight on her. You may want to feed the female a guiena pig every 3rd to 4th feeding till you breed. It will put some extra fat on her that will give her a safer time when she is gravid. Keep us posted on how things go..



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      Re:Breeding size/age question

      The ages are good, and as long as there is sufficient size on the female she could breed.

      Good luck!
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