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  • Breeding question

    I have always wanted an albino redtail but never wanted to pay the extreme amounts $1100-$1500. So i have decided it would be a lot cheaper to breed albino boas then buy one. I have bred my redtails many times without problems so i dont think this would be much diffrent. My only question is if i was to get a boa with 66% chance of albino do i breed him to a normal female or do i need to get another het for albino?

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    Re:Breeding question

    Hi Xander,

    You would have a better chance if you got another 66 het for albino.. Neither way would guarentee an albino, but would increase your odds..

    Hope that helped..



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      Re:Breeding question

      Well the math is not in you favor that way.

      To get albinos using hets, both parents must be 100% het for albino. They must have the albino gene.

      If you are using a 66% possible het, then first of all there is a 2 out of 3 chance that the boa is actually het. So those odds are fairly good.

      However, let's now say that the 66% boa is actually het. Then breeding that boa to a normal boa, would result in a litter of 50% possible hets, so your odds go way down.

      If you could pair up several pairs of 66% possible hets, you increase your odds greatly.

      Or better yet, purchase 100% hets from known breeders.
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        Re:Breeding question

        well xander eather way you go its gonna cost some change..not sure what 100% hets cost these days iam sure there not cheap