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Breeding in 3's

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  • Breeding in 3's

    Wondering your thoughts on breeding 1 male in with 2 females at the same time. Also lets go the other way as with 2 males and 1 females all at the same time same cage. Just trying to learn everything i can about the best way, ins and outs, of this breeding thing.

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    Re: Breeding in 3's

    It's best to breed boas "one on one".

    The reason being....

    Well, if you have 2 males in there, only one will be dominant enough to do the job. The other will end up being a spectator. Then you have the possibility that the dominant male will be too busy keeping an eye on the other male, that he might forget why he's in there in the first place. You'd think that it's breeding season and all the guy would want is to get to the girl, but.... He's a male. Even with boas it's a "male macho" thing.

    Now, if you're putting a second male in there to try and get the other male to start breeding. That's different. Of course, you could end up with the wrong male deciding to be the dominant one. Once a dominant male has taken charge. It's time to remove the other male. Of course, I've found that using a shed skin from a mature male will do the same trick. Sort of "fools" the male that's "suppose" to be breeding into thinking there's another male near by.

    As for putting 2 females in with one male.... That's a stretch too. It's not like he's going to take turns breeding one female one day and the other one the next. He's going to take the one that's the most "receptive" and stick with her until she's done. That could take weeks or months. Then you have this other female that's in there, just playing the 3rd wheel.

    Then you have to worry about if the extra female will have her pre-ov and or ovulation before the male gets to her. BTW I've had females in the Boa Room that don't have a male in with them and they go through the "process"... Meaning they have the pre-ov and ovulate without the male ever being present.

    So, it's always better to have that "one on one" strategy going when breeding boas. That way you can see what's going on and know that the job's getting done right.

    Anyway, in "most" cases, one male can breed two females. They just have to be strong and well fed. Offering a meal "in between" females helps too. Just pick the female you want bred the most and put your male in with her. Then, if he finishes quickly enough, give him a meal and put him in with the second female.

    It generally takes 6 to 8 weeks from start to finish... At least, that's how long it takes with my boas. So, start early in the breeding season and your males "should" be able to get 2 females bred.


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      Re: Breeding in 3's

      This has been my thinking all along but i have been seeing and reading some crazy stuff along the way. Today I say a post about 1 male 2 females and was wondering if i missed something. Again thanks with the great knowledge.