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  • Night time Breeding

    I am sure alot of you have seen my thread on the two I have courting presently, My question is this: The most activity I see is all at night and I am talking ALL NIGHT, Should I just turn off the light which I have on a 12 on 12 off timer so it will always be dark or leave it set like I have it
    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Night time Breeding

    In the early days/weeks of breeding they'll breed more actively at night. As things progress, they'll be at it more constantly.

    It's best to give them natural daytime/nighttime hours. So, set your timer to turn the lights on with the sun comes up and off when the sun goes down.

    Also, if you can, cover half the cage with "something". It will work as a hide area. Sort of like half the cage is their own private "breeding cave". That will help make them feel more secure and they'll get the job done faster. At least, that's the way it works with my boas.