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  • Fetal Doppler Question

    some of you may remember me putting willow and warrick together back in the middle of August, and them GOING AT IT right away...

    About October Willow will went to the heat, and has been laying there ever sence....Now she is still on the heat, but appears to be in the heat conservation mode that I have read about....Also her last shed was October 25th.......

    I said all that to ask this.....I used a fetal doppler on the last 1/3 of her body....I think I hear heart beat(s)..........but they are not SUPER rythmic like our heart beat would be....I hear a few(5/10 seconds worth) bump, bumps....then wooshing, then bump bumps again then wooshing....over and over.....

    I move the doppler up her body a few inches at a time, just to be sure its not just her making the noises (or me WANTING to hear something)....and hear less and less as I move up...almost to the point of silense......

    So doppler people....Does that sound like what you guys hear when things are going well??....

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    Re: Fetal Doppler Question

    Linda (the authority on fetal doppler use on gravid boas the way I hear it) gave a breif description on use of the doppler and what to listen for in this thread a few weeks back.

    She would probably be your best bet for definitive answers in this area but that thread seems to describe what you are hearing.



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      Re: Fetal Doppler Question

      Any little movement could be causing the whooshing sound you're hearing. Sometimes you will only hear one faint heartbeat, sometimes it will sound like several. From my experience it sounds different from snake to snake and pregnancy to pregnancy. Linda has more experience with the doppler so I'm sure she'll chime in too.


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        Re: Fetal Doppler Question

        Here's a video I made of my girl, Najet.

        This was later in her gestation, so the sounds are much more clear.

        I hear the same thing at the early part of the gestation as I do closer to giving birth. The only difference is how loud/clear the sounds are.

        Hopefully, this well help.

        BTW any muscle contractions can also mess with the sounds. So, if you hear the sounds one second and they're gone the next, that's normal. Just so long as you're sure what you're hearing is the heartbeats, then she's got live babies in her.

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          Re: Fetal Doppler Question

          Thanks sooooo much.....I dont hear EXACTLY that.....But I sure do hear something. The doppler I was given aint very expensive....