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would like some opinions on size

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  • would like some opinions on size

    I have a female that is 3 1/2 years old, 6-6 1/2 ft and 15 lbs that I want to breed. The male that I want to breed to her is 4 1/2 years old, 6+ and 11 lbs(he was raised as a female till I got him). I know the male should be smaller then the female, is this o.k. Should I give her another year? I want to breed these two , she is railback lattertail and he is a lattertail with very abberant patterns.

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    Re: would like some opinions on size

    Your female seems to be just about the perfect size for breeding. Your male, although a bit large, should do fine. I would make sure you are only feeding your male about every 2 weeks and he isn't getting too large of rats. He could probably slim down a bit and you don't really want him to get much bigger if you intend to breed him.

    You need to make sure you are ready to breed before you attempt this. Do you have adequate caging for your adult boas and tubs and racks for the babies? Will you be able to care for the newborns and feed the entire collection if you can't sell them off quickly? Are you prepared for any emergencies that may come up during gestation or the birthing process? I would recommend reading the Ultimate Care Guide again and The Boaphile had a good article in the Reptiles Magazine Annual (i believe that is what it was in), you may want to read over it as well. Good luck if you decide to breed but please go into this knowing what to expect.