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babies still in membrane what now?

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  • babies still in membrane what now?

    My boa had 18 slugs and two babies still in the sack. She had them yesterday morning and they are still in there, However the babies were about a week premature. Will they just stay there until ready? How long should it take? Can you tell if they are alive or not?

    Thanks for any help you can give

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    Re: babies still in membrane what now?

    Hi adam,

    Welcome to the forums..

    OK, I was avoiding answering this because what worked for me in this situation, may or may not work for you..

    First, if the membrane didn't break, the bad news may be the babies are not alive. With all the slugs your boa had, the babies may have been terminated. I did have two baby boa's that didn't break out during a delivery. One was fully developed but dead, the second one was alive but alot smaller then the others in the litter. I broke the membrane with that one and all was ok except it was small and the yolk was not fully absorbed. If either on the babies are alive and the membrane is still attached, what worked for me it it take that baby away from the others, put it in a heated plastic shoe box, put a moist (not soaking wet, just moist) paper towel on the bottom, put the baby on it and use a small hide near the heated side so the baby will hide and keep still to absorb the yolk. Mist the baby once a day to keep moist and watch for the yolk to absord or break off.. Of it is a real little baby, you may have to feed it tails the first couple of times, or pinkie halfs..

    If the membranes don't break then the baby could drown in its own fluid..

    Hope that helps. Good luck

    Steve Clark


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      Re: babies still in membrane what now?

      Your call
      But what works for me.
      When the rest of the clutch looks strong I leave the babies alone.

      If the clutch looks weak...I help out some of the babies by peircing a hole in the membrane and opening it up.

      But that is just me.