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"So, the guy says its a female"  Help

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  • "So, the guy says its a female"  Help

    Hello everyone...I'm new to this post and I originally came here because I have intentions on trying my hand at breeding. And I have not given up.. So here's the story. Last year I opened and closed a pet shop. ( economy in the area went south) The wholesale warehouse that is with in driving distance from me had alot of different things. (Some of which I thought should have had better care so when I bought from him I felt like I was doing the animals a favor.) I see this lovely boa and tell my husband that I want that snake. A month down the road its my birthday and hubby goes to pick up iguanas or something and comes home with this boa as a bday present . I call the wholesaler and ask him the sex and age ect. He is able to tell me that the snake is a redtail..what kind?...bcc or bci unknown. that it is female and that she is 4 yrs old. wc or cb unknown also. So to make a long story even it has almost been a yr since I got her and I was fortunate enough to come into contact with another guy, who I'm trading a snake for a snake, we get talking and he is going to send a male breeder on loan along with the snake we're trading. Shipment goes out thursday...I'm very excited. I take Dehliah(the redtail that I own) to the college to make 100% sure that this is a female snake. The local vets are not herpers...more like i think maybe the professors could probe her to ease my mind...they decline! darn it they guess that what I have is a male. Does anyone live in NM or have a contact that could probe my snake? And if I can't find this out b4 the loaner snake arrives; will I run into a problem trying to put 2 males together. If there is no threat of a problem I could just put them together and if I end up with a gravid snake then I had a female all along. I've read alot on sexing and probing is the only sure fire way to sex them...right? whew..that was long winded...any help will help. My snake is 5yrs and 7+ ft and MUCH healthyer than when I got her. She now sheds a full shed as when I got her she was flakin and also thin. I feed her well so she's lookin'good. PS will pictures help? Maybe to identify her classification...I'd love to know exactly what I have.
    Thanks to all
    Angel ....... Herp On!!!

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    Re: "So, the guy says its a female"  Help

    Yes pics might help to identify her.
    As for sexing her ,does she have very noticable spurs on both sides of the cloaca(or vent)? If they are large , like .25" or so she is probably a he. This is always a good quick way to sex a large boa without probing
    good luck

    PS. let us know


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      Re: "So, the guy says its a female"  Help

      Well I found a close herper. Las Cruces Reptile Rescue. Hurray!!! Yes you can see spikes but they are not .25"...I'm going to LC to see Roy ,who runs it, and he is going to probe for me. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!


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        Re: "So, the guy says its a female"  Help

        actually i would not go by the spurs myself because i just recently purchased a snake from clay and it was a male. he also looked at another snake i purchased elseware and determined that it was more than likely male. my new found male has huge spurs, and the one i bought from clay has tiny spurs. so i my self wouldnt trust using them as a guide


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          Re: "So, the guy says its a female"  Help

          I have found that if the snake has a spur that is visable at a glance it is a male. Most female's you have to look close to see there spurs if there are any at all.
          Sure would like to see a picture.



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            Re: "So, the guy says its a female"  Help

            I have been so busy; raising some money in case my Dehliah turns out to be a Samson...On any case I will have some time tonight to take a picture or two.

            I have a pic of my Bull...and I just clicked insert image and got a code but doesn't it have to point other words it didn't ask which img I want to insert. SO ... the inevitable question. If one wishes to attach a img, how would one go about that?

            Hummm...and scroll down and I have my answer..its early...image is too big. So how do I shrink it? And I tried multiple attachment was gonna post a pix of the hognosed too.
            But if I get an error image too large then for sure ya can't post multiple, huh? Time to get ready for work...pix of Dehliah/Samson?? hopefully will be out sometime on Sunday. Happy Herpin Easter All! Bye for Now b29.gif Angel

            I wonder can I insert multiples? Nope as far as I can tell NEhow...Maybe someone knows a trick? Time to get ready for work...pix sometime on Sunday. Happy Herpin Easter All!
            Bye for Now b29.gif Angel


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              Re: "So, the guy says its a female"  Help

              Glad to hear that you found someone to probe her.
              I forgot to add that the spur thing only holds true in adults.

              GOOD LUCK,