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ok so the guy said it was a female

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  • ok so the guy said it was a female

    Hello everyone...I'm new to this post and I originally came here because I have intentions on trying my hand at breeding. And I have not given up.. So here's the story. Last year I opened and closed a pet shop. ( economy in the area went south) The wholesale warehouse that is with in driving distance from me had alot of different things. (Some of which I thought should have had better care so when I bought from him I felt like I was doing the animals a favor.) I see this lovely boa and tell my husband that I want that snake. A month down the road its my birthday and hubby goes to pick up iguanas or something and comes home with this boa as a bday present . I call the wholesaler and ask him the sex and age ect. He is able to tell me that the snake is a redtail..what kind...bcc or bci unknown. that it is female and that she is 4 yrs old. wc or cb unknown also. So to make a long story even it has almost been a yr since I got her and I was fortunate enough to come into contact with another guy, who I'm trading a snake for a snake, we get talking and he is going to send a male breeder on loan along with the snake we're trading. Shipment goes out thursday...I'm very excited. I take Dehliah( the redtail that I own) to the college to make 100% sure that this is a female snake. The local vets are not herpers...more like i think maybe the professors could probe her to ease my mind...they decline! darn it they guess that what I have is a male. Does anyone live in NM or have a contact that could probe my snake? And if I can't find this out b4 the loaner snake arrives; will I run into a problem trying to put 2 males together. If there is no threat of a problem I could just put them together and if I end up with a gravid snake then I had a female all along. I've read alot on sexing and probing is the only sure fire way to sex them...right?