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    Hey I am about to try to start breeding my Hogg's (as soon as a get a female). What is the necessarry equipment that I am going to need? Does it really matter what time of the year it is when you try to breed boas? Also, do breeders use a different thermostat for every cage, or can you hook two cages up to one thermostat? About how much does a good breeder like Clay or Jeff Ronne make
    from breeding? Is it enough to live off of? Thanks!

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    Re: Starting point...

    Well I can't speak for jeff and clay but I know that some breeders can support them selfs quit well... The equipment you need is a good thermostat and a good sized cage... As far as the time of year I don't think it is imparative but I think it makes it easyer... From what I can tell... I don't breed yet...
    Eric aka...Red


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      Re: Starting point...

      I would recommend a high quality thermostat device to control the heat properly. The kind I am talking about will actually shut off the heat when it reaches the set temperature.

      I got mine from Jeff's caging site, and I bought the dual set, which provides the fault tolerant backup in case the primary one failed.

      I can tell you from talking to several people that I believe only the elect can actually do the breeding full time and make real profit from it. Jeff once told me that if it were not for the caging business, he could not have left his previous full time job to do the Boaphile thing full time. Jeff has HUNDREDS of boas that he breeds and HUNDREDS of boas for sale, and yet they could not solely provide enough income to be full time alone. Jeff also sell Rats full time, so he really has a multifaceted business.

      I know the BIG boys like Bob Clark and Pete Kahl, have made incredible careers out of this, but they were pioneers of some extremely valuable and unique morphs, that have helped them tons.

      Me personally? It is a hobby I love, it takes my mind away from my "real" job, and it allows me to meet a lot of great people. I more than likely break even through everything all said and done.
      To gain knowledge is good, but to share knowledge is wise

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