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moving , gravid ? female...

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  • moving , gravid ? female...

    I picked up a pair of BCI's at a show a month ago that were suposed to be proven . I got them for a great price ,too.
    But I don't see much to indicate she is gravid yet .Could the stress of the show and the new enclosure have an effect on her gestation ,I have heard that boas can hold off on fertilization , is this true ?
    These are my first experience with keeping breeders. So any advice would be welcome.

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    Re: moving , gravid ? female...

    Hey Dan,

    It really depends. If you were sold boas that were proven, that only means that they have been successfully bred and produced offspring before.

    That does not mean gravid. I really doubt you were sold boas that were "already" gravid. Gravid females are not something you crate up and take to shows, or that you sell while gravid. Nomally these boas are sold AFTER they have produced the offspring.

    Let us know if you were indeed told something different than this.
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      Re: moving , gravid ? female...

      Clay ,
      Thanks for the reply.
      The boas were sold to me as a breeding pair. That were courting at the show,at least thats what I was told .
      I understand it would be very unusual to sell a gravid female at a show ,but ,the folks we picked them up from at the show were getting out of everything but Dumerils. The pair was thier last pair of non-Dum.breeders.
      Anyway some breeders at the show vouched for the folks we bought these guys from.So I don't think that we were taken.
      I also noticed that she might have midsection "thickening" .
      I guess I might be a little nervous about my first possible litter (hopefully) this summer .

      How long till a boa normally starts to show signs of being gravid?

      thanks again for the reply


      ps. They were sold as being possibly bred.Nofalse promises or anything unethical like that.