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How would they turn out?

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  • How would they turn out?

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone could tell me what I would get if I would breed a pastel colombian redtailboa(BCI) to an albino BCI(original strain)?

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    Re: How would they turn out?

    Here it is in a nutshell.

    If the pastel is a proven bloodline then it is a Dominate trait. Albino is a recessive trait.

    So you would get.

    0 albinos...
    All babies would be 100% het for albino.
    Approx 50% babies would be pastel (also het for albino).

    Then if you breed these second generation pastels het for albino together, then you could expect pastel albinos to be in the mix.

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      Re: How would they turn out?

      So hey would shorely be het for albinos?Because the pastel is kinda a half pastel and I dont know how he will turn out beause he is only a baby.
      I have seen a lot of pics and heard about them alot but I dont really know what they really are like.
      So could anyone tell me whay is the difference between hets and normals?
      By the way thans for the answer!


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        Re: How would they turn out?

        the difference between a Het( heterozygous) and normal (homozygous) is a genetic thing.

        If you are talking about the albino trait... a normal would have 2 domanant alleles 'AA', an albino would have 2 recessive alleles 'aa', but a Het will have one of each 'Aa'. to even get albinos you have to bread the second generation heterozygots together. then if you would have a litter? of 16, approx. 4 will be normal (AA), 8 will be het (Aa) and 4 will be albino (aa). those numbers are aproximate so dont quote me.


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          Re: How would they turn out?

          b30.gif Hi,
          first of all thanks for answering,but I have another question:
          If I would breed a pastel het for albino to a regular albino,would I get any hets?And would I have any pastel albinos?
          Please tell me what I would get.