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  • Tailing it...

    I was looking through some older pics I have for some and came across these ones. not even sure if I had posted them at all on this site ever. So here they are now anyways...
    This is a pair that I bought a couple years ago. They are NOT the same exact ss of boa either..BUT seeing as the previous owner had them paired up and housed together..I set them in quarantine together when they got here. The male proved himself to be a breeding machine right away and has ever since then also. He breeds with BCI now though..NOT CA's [ Which btw are basically a BCI , but a more defined local etc Had to throw that in just to confuse ya'll ya know hehe]..

    NOT sure if any of you will see what i see here in this pic..BUT it is of the male's spurs that he uses to "grab" onto the female when mating her. [ That's a female under him btw and ...well don't ask...hehe]

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    Re: Tailing it...

    That is a very nice looking male. Good to have those good looking ones that are agressive breeders..

    Let me know should you "tire" of him. I have an open door policy on good breeders ;D
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      Re: Tailing it...

      Let me know should you "tire" of him
      LOL.. About the only thing I "tire" of with this guy his his "need" to strike and bite that he gets into phases of since he came back to us from that lending out..UGH. TG !! It is usually my hubby that takes the brunt of the hits from him hahahahaha. For a "small" guy he hits with some vengeance in his striking ! He's a 6'er now..BUT I call him small anywyas.. as ya know.. I keep them HUGE boas here mostly hehe. So he is "small" compared to most of them here lol.
      I'll let ya know if ever we do look to place him into a new home though. Currently he is doing his "thing' with some of my gals we keep in our breeding collection of boas here. He's on his 4th gal atm this year. Hopefully he hasn't "run out" of what is needed for breeding results though. I usually only let my males go to 2-3 females when breeding them to the females here.
      How many females do you have a male "service" each breeding round you do with your breeders ? [ NOT sure if your one of the breeders that breeds the boas year round or just during certain months Clay. ]