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    ok i posted here a little over a month ago and got some good advice.but now still no babies and she looks like she is going to explode.she has gotten so fat that her scales are seperating.she is always rolling over on her side and looking like she is pushing from her head down to her tail in a rolling like way.she came to me gravid so i do not know when breeding took place.the bulge of the egg sac started going down about 3 weeks ago and started getting she is very thick from the vent to about 4' up.she is only about 7 foot which i have found to be to small to breed.but was supposed to be wild caught so this happened naturaly. i was wondering if they ever have troubel giving birth??should i get concerned yet??when should i???

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    Re: help again

    She certainly shows the signs of being gravid. I would not give up just yet.

    Females often will appear to lose weight before partuition. Some books say that the more emaciated she looks the better the live baby to slug ratio.

    I can't help you with the dates.

    Have you seen a prebirth waxy stool yet?
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