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Sould I be concern?

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  • Sould I be concern?

    Hi to ALL
    My BCI female should have exploded a week back all ready,
    but still nothing.
    She just stays on the heating pad, not moving around alot!
    I don't see her going to the water bowl at all, I spraying her with warm water every 2 days,
    clean the water bowl every 3 days.
    We have had rain for the last copple of days.
    Light timer set on 6 hour cycle.Temp on heating pad on 90-95 range.
    Can you see any thing I am doing wrong? or not doing at all? and if not,


    What the s5.gif is going on ??b17.gif??

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    Re: Sould I be concern?

    I am not an expert but I think that the birth dates are like when they say it will take a week to shed it will on the avg. but not always... Is this the first time the snake has been bread.....??
    Eric aka..Red


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      Re: Sould I be concern?

      Hmm.. Actually I could take this one of two ways here as far as the question goes..
      1. the snake is gravid
      2. the snake has not had a bowel movement in some time.

      Which one is it actually ? The information is too vague in order to relate which of the two it actually is. ???

      Anyways.. If in reference to birthing... Need to make sure/know 100% that the snake is actually gravid atm. If it is, then there are MANY factors which could be taking a play here.. dates are off for one.
      If it has not had a bowel movement.. Could be constipated..start with a soak for this one. OR It could just be that the snake does not need to go atm either even. Snakes do NOT go every week all the time. They go as they need to basically. If this is it.. how long has it been and what has been the feeding regime for like last 6 weeks and bowel movement hx also ?


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        Re: Sould I be concern?

        Well Sorry

        When I wrote "She should have exploded a week back all ready "
        I meant she were to suppoused to have given birth all ready!
        She had moved over the 133 days since POS.

        But I think today is cona be it! This morning when I woke,
        she had move off the heating pad to the cool side of the tank.
        Yes Red, this will be her fist babies

        Tx for your replies


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          Re: Sould I be concern?

          I am not sure where I read this but I read once that the first time boas breed that they somtimes go over the time that they should... That is all.. Now once again I can not recall where I found this info so it may be not so reliable...
          Well se ya
          Eric aka...Red


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            Re: Sould I be concern?

            Nothing happend

            I got home yesterday and she were back on the heating pad!
            I am realy concern now !!!!!!!! >


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              Re: Sould I be concern?

              Well the average is 105 days after POS. Again this is just an average, which means some may have been 85 days, some may be 6 months.

              As Lori said, if she is truly gravid, then she will deliver.

              Did you witness actual copulation? Does she spend the majority of time now in the heat conservation position? Have you seen her "belly up" or laying on her side?

              These are all good signs of pending partuition.
              To gain knowledge is good, but to share knowledge is wise

              -Best Regards
              -Clay English
              Founder 1998-2013