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  • inbreeding

    I am new to the boa world and I have notice that most all boa breeders inbreed their snakes. Is there not any genetic defects that can happen by doing this? Will there be any bad behavor problems in the future now that boas are becoming more and more popular?

    Thanks for the info.


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    Re: inbreeding

    Well yes there is side efects to this... But that is how we get albino's and stuff like that.... Most good breeders go through quit the ordeal trying to get unrelated stock... But they do... now the avg. breeder is going to probley get a snake from here and a snake from there so they probley will be doing quit a bit of non inbreeding but some may and does occur.. Now most breeders do work with pairs that may be related but, not all there's are and not every year the same snakes get together... So since there is such a bio-deversity, in the snake world, That as long as there are good breeders out there doing there job then there should be minamal recourse.. I would not want to get two snakes that are real closely related to each other... like brother sister... But I think that if you breed two albino's together, Then you are breeding two snakes that there line's go back to the same place... inless you breed sharp X kahl then they might not be related long back but you don't know that... In the wild they are in quit small teritorys and quit a bit of inbreedin probley happens.. I would emagin..
    Well I am done.. my .02
    Eric aka...REd