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DEFINITIONS - everyone should know about breeding

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  • DEFINITIONS - everyone should know about breeding

    There are lots of terms out there that breeders should know. These are important once they start to sell the offspring....or even buy offspring. I will provide the definitons to these terms down below.

    WC & LTC = me
    CBB = my wife
    F1 = my baby
    F2 = my grand children
    F3 = my great grandchildren
    Fresh Import = FOB = Fresh of the boat.
    Integrade = my baby
    Proven = me and the wife when she finally pops
    Het for Ritchie = the baby when it gets here.
    Dam = the wife
    sire = me (I am a sire for hire for the cuties out there...he he he)
    Mutt = my baby and my dogs.
    Normal = most of my snakes (definately not me)
    Screamer = an ex girlfriend
    amelanistic = the wife
    melanistic = a couple firends of mine
    proven balls = ball pythons that are proven (get your mind out of the gutter)
    anerythristic = the wife
    breeding pair = me and the wife
    Trio = me the wife and some girl
    Reverse Trio = NOT IN YOUR LIFETIME!!!
    Pastel = a couple friends of mine who are into same sex love.
    Pastel Dream = a couple friends of mine who are still in the closet.

    Good luck and happy herping

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    Re: DEFINITIONS - everyone should know about breed

    What does that have to do with anything...
    here is one I like....... ***!

    Lol j/k homes. Im sure I might use some of those someday, Peace