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  • What's everyone expecting?

    Call me impatient but the recent litter posts are just making me more curious about how many more litters are expected this spring by members of this forum. I have this really bad habit of going on spending sprees when people start making these posts so I'd love to know how much I'll be spending this year, lol.

    It appears my pairing was a bust. On one hand I'm disappointed but there's always next year and now I have more room to add to my collection this year : )

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    Re: What's everyone expecting?

    I should have in the next 2 to 4 weeks I hope, BCI normal het albinos, DH sunglows, ( Hypo’s het albino ) albinos, sunglows, Northern Brazilian BCC and Dumeril boas. I already have these BCI’s 2 normal het albinos, 5 hypo’s het albino possible het jungles, 6 hypo jungles het albino. Waiting for the jungles to shed before I post any pictures of them.

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      Re: What's everyone expecting?

      It doesn't look like it's my year. I lost my gravid female BP and it looks like my jungle girl didn't take. Oh well, next year!

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        Re: What's everyone expecting?

        Originally posted by Zaphod42 View Post
        now I have more room to add to my collection this year : )
        hoping on some good lookers! got definite prego females so here is to hoping for healthy litters! Should score on some wicked pastel sunglows and sunglows. Albinos, het albinos, snows, motley snows, moonglows, motley moonglows, jungles, jungle moonglow maybe, some hypos and hypo jungles! should be a crazy year and see babies hopefully in a week. first momma is starting to get ancy!