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Bump Method? Het Anery Markers?

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  • Bump Method? Het Anery Markers?

    I spent this weekend getting my recent litter setup in individual shoeboxes, I noticed a lot of cloudy eyes a couple days ago so they'll be shedding soon. Yay! While I was moving them into their tubs I tried using the bump method on them but either I have all girls or I wasn't doing it right, lol. I did check a couple of my 2014's (already knew their sex) and I was able to easily identify male/female using the bump method. It's been a few years since I used the popping method so I'm hesitant to try it again because I know if you don't do it right you can injure the snake. Does the bump method work better at a particular age?

    Also other random question. Are there any visual markers for het anerys? Obviously there is no guarantee but I was just curious. I have a total of 13 hypos in this litter and their color varies quite a bit. Some of them have more of a "muddy" appearance and have some black outlining. My TH Moonglow, who is the sire of this litter, also has this muddiness on his sides and black outlining around his saddles. I have a few other hypos in my collection that are possibly het anery and some of them have these characters too.
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