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3rd litter of 2015!

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  • 3rd litter of 2015!

    Ive been off here for a couple months! miss you guys! life has been crazy, working on getting my rat business up and running while working my actual job 50-80 hours a week and then just the fun stuff life likes to throw at ya!

    So here are the albinos, jungles and albino jungles from my 3rd litter of 2015. all healthy and so far eating like champs! 2nd meal attempt will be this weekend! and yes, these are for sale I know they arent the BEST jungles in the world and most are low expression but still beautiful in my opinion! I wont post the pictures of the normals to save from picture overload! What do you guys think?

    Female 1 Jungle

    Female 2 Albino Jungle

    Female 3 Albino

    Female 7 Albino Jungle

    Female 8 Albino

    Female 9 Jungle

    Female 12 Jungle

    Female 13 Albino

    Male 1 Albino

    Male 3 Albino

    Male 4 Albino Jungle

    Male 5 Jungle

    Male 6 Albino Jungle

    Male 8 Jungle

    Male 9 Albino

    Male 10 Albino Jungle

    Male 11 Albino Jungle

    Male 12 Albino Jungle

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    Re: 3rd litter of 2015!

    Wow! A lot of albinos.


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      Re: 3rd litter of 2015!

      Congrats on the litter!
      Love the tail on male 10


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        Re: 3rd litter of 2015!

        Very nice litter.


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          Re: 3rd litter of 2015!

          Congrats on the litter


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            Re: 3rd litter of 2015!

            Congrats on the excellent litter!
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