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Anery Arabesque Litter with VPI TGlow Surprise

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  • Anery Arabesque Litter with VPI TGlow Surprise

    A little bit of back story here is that I bought an Anery Arabesque from Chris-Canada Smith in 2010. She was the result of pairing a 2004 Hedgepeth Ghost with a 2007ish Arabesque that was het. Kahl Snow.

    Because of the issues I was told Arab females have had (valid or not) in terms of giving birth, I made the decision I was not going to try to turn this female into a larger female or into a female that could breed in 3-4 years.

    After much conflict within myself over whether or not to even breed her at all, I allowed my friend Thomas Cobb to breed her to a pair of VPI T+ Sunglow 66% het. Anery males.

    By that time Morrigan was almost six years old, just shy of six feet and a very square, very solid, very well muscled girl. I did not even put her on large rats until she was 4 years old.

    Morrigan in 2014

    Morrigan in 2015

    In short order, she was bred by both males, ovulated and entered gestation.

    Everything she did was textbook.

    On 15 April 2015, one day after her due date based on ovulation and three days before her due date based on POS, she dropped a healthy litter of 12 live babies and 4 slugs.

    When Thomas sent me the photos the first thing I noticed was what I thought was an albino in the bunch, I laughed and commented how weird it was that she threw a random Albino partho, but the more I thought about it, the less sense it made as I did not think, being an Anery Arabesque het. Albino (if she was) would throw just an Albino. When Thomas sent me the close up I realized it was a Sunglow, which was even more odd, but then as I was showing the photo to Tony of ChiTown both he and Thomas said they believed it was a TGlow. That is when we realized it actually was one.

    I asked Thomas to sex the animal as I suspected it to be a male, not a female, and I was correct.

    So, what do we have here? Was my Anery Arabesque somehow a het. and I was unaware (the timeline of the parents' birth makes that highly unlikely) or is she a spontaneous carrier of a known mutation? I remember a couple years ago Martyn Pinto of Benjamin Boas in the UK had a Super Motley show up in a litter of boas where the sire had been the Motley, not the dam, meaning the male had essentially created the Super Motley on its own (though I forget the name of this process, I believe it is different from parthenogenesis). Obviously I was quite fascinated by this and contacted Dr. Booth who has said he will examine all sheds of the litter mates as well as the dam and two potential sires.

    I will be excited to receive the results in the future. In the mean time, the visual TGlow will stay with Thomas as a jointly owned boa between he and I.

    My first time Arab mother is doing great and ready to get the ball rolling for me in the future again.

    Final count was:
    6 Arab/Hypo/Anery Arab (maybe, needs to shed first)/Ghost Arab (maybe, needs to shed first) DH/TH VPI T+ Snow
    3 Normals DH T+ Snow
    2 Hypos TH VPI T+ Snowglow
    1 VPI T+ Sunglow
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    Re: Anery Arabesque Litter with VPI TGlow Surprise

    Wow! Just Wow! Congratulations!


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      Re: Anery Arabesque Litter with VPI TGlow Surprise

      Wow, there is all kinds of interesting stuff going on in that litter which obviously was well worth the wait. I'm loving the interesting markings on their heads as well. Please keep us updated on this litter and what Dr Booth says. SO exciting!

      Photo credit:Eddie Ard .....Banner Credit:Big PaPa Ernest