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  • Help with ID's

    I was just curios about the color of one of my new Red Tails. I adopted him this week nd. I have 4 now and they are all very different in color.
    The new one is like yellow maybe...not a bright yellow uhhh I wish I had a picture. (not the albino type yellow). I have never seen one this color. I have that are 2 pretty standard in color and one that is very light tan with a lot of pink down the sides...but this new one is sooo different to me. Maybe someone has one or at least knows what i am talking about.

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    Re:Help with ID's

    Hi Peaches1926,

    It is really hard to tell without an image.. Any chance of seeing an image of him?



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      Re:Help with ID's

      Let me post one of my pastels that has a really high yellow/orange body and maybe you can relate your to him..

      This one is an extreme pastel and at 2 1/2 years old is getting better by the day.

      The lighting was horrible on these two photos but maybe you can see it okay.

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        Re:Help with ID's

        Thanks...that is about right..he is just a more dulled/faded out...not as bright as yours . You got a beautiful snake. Mine is pretty too and he is a rescue snake..can't see why people just throw these wonderful creatures away like they do. Thanks so much.


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          Re:Help with ID's ..thanks

          I went back and looked through your album of Pastels..the one at the bottem with the regular columbian looks the most like him .He is really pretty to me. Thanks. I love you site. I got so much info from here before I adopted my first one.