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    hey to whoever reads this. i am giving some serious thought to gettin a redtail boa. i have had a ball thats about 5 feet for three years now and i was thinkin that i might want something a lil bigger. also, i have heard that boas are easier to handle in that they get comfortable on u and hang out for a while. dont get me wrong, i love my ball to death, but the minute i pick her up its like shes in the indy five hundred. i cant get her to stay still. she also has some problems eating, especially in the winter. she will hit it hard in october/november, and then just stop. she wont start up again until mid march. the question i have about gettin a boa, is that i want to make sure i dont get a bcc. i want a bci seeing as how they stay around 7-10. my ball is five ft, but i want something just a tad bigger, on the same token i dont want something i might have trouble handling once they get up there. how can i make sure that get a bci when i purchase a red tail? also, everyones post stress how they got there boa's to convert to frozen/thawed food. is there specific problem with them eating live mice and rats. my ball(betsy) has been eating live as long as i ve had her, and she is now eating lg rats. what would be the problem if any in feeding a boa live? thanks for any imput any of u guys might have.

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    Ya' it is a problem but you have to decide for your self.. see I would say it is a problem that you feed your ball live... It can die with just one bite for the rat and don't even say you watch close because all that will do is let you see it be killed...
    Any ways there is a good guide on this site when you log on to it... this is the link to it.... It has a great section on live feeding...

    Now for buying a good bci is easy because almost all of the boas that are being bred are bci's... so it will be alot harder to find a bcc then a bci... clay the owner of this site breeds bci's... colubians to be exact...
    Also if you buy from a good breeder then your snake will already be eating frozen thawed Rats....
    well just ask if you have any other "?"'s
    Eric aka....Red
    p.s. Oh ya' I would not cuss on this site it just might get you kicked off...