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bci color question

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  • bci color question

    i bought my baby columbian bci like 2 months ago and he's about 7 months old right now. he's kind of a light grey color with a slight hint of light brown running along his back. so my question is, whats his color gonna be when he's an adult? will he be the same grey color or will he look like the the light golden copper/brown with dark brown saddles i've seen on most adult common boas? thx for any help. peace

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    Re:bci color question

    Hey StarBomb,

    To be honest its almost impossible to tell 100%.. I know some boas get darker with age, well lets make that most. But I have seen boas turn odd colors are they age. One baby I picked up from someone was super light grey the first 3 months I had her, then after one shed she got super pink all over her body.. Safe bet would be that your boa will darken some as it ages..

    Hope that helped a little..


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      Re:bci color question

      most commons i see as adults are tan with dark saddles.