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Sunglow x Albino question

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  • Sunglow x Albino question

    I've got a late '08 male Albino and I've read that if paired with a Sunglow the litter will be 100% 'binos and 'glows. I've also read however that a 'bino to 'bino crossing can give you some bad birth defects. Is this still a concern with a 'bino to 'glow crossing?, or, does the added genetic information from the hypo sort deepen the gene-pool and allow for healthier babies? I should probably look for an '07 or late'07 Sunglow as well since my male is a late '08 right?

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    Re: Sunglow x Albino question

    here the rule to follow never breed white to white

    bino x bino

    sunglow x bino

    moonglow x snow

    snow x sunglow

    junglow x bino

    ect ect

    at least thats what i was always told


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      Re: Sunglow x Albino question

      i actually just spoke to a breeder today who said the same thing. not sure how widespread that belief is, but it's out there.

      it may have changed over the years, though, with all the outcrossing people have done, but some one much more experienced than i am will have to vouch for that...


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        Re: Sunglow x Albino question

        i believe that ryan from this site had awesome results from albino x sunglow breedings..


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          Re: Sunglow x Albino question

          I'm not sure if there will be any problem with a Albino/Sunglow breeding.

          I do know that if they're outcrossed as much as possible, it's less likely to have deformities. Of course, there's no guarantee there won't be any deformities.

          I have heard of many Albino/Albino breedings that resulted in perfect babies. There's been Albino/Sunglow breedings that were perfect as well.

          This past year, I've read about a Het/Het breeding that resulted in major deformities.

          So, since deformities can pop up in "any" type of breeding, when you're talking about Albinos.....

          Just make sure yours are as outcrossed as possible. Then you're less likely to have problems.

          However, if the animals you do breed together have "less than perfect" babies...
          Don't ever repeat that breeding. Also, don't use "either" for breeding ever again, since you don't know which one caused the problems.


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            Re: Sunglow x Albino question

            I'm not against Albino to Sunglow or
            even Albino to Albino providing
            you're using outcrossed stock

            Lar M
            Boas By Klevitz



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              Re: Sunglow x Albino question

              Thanks for the help everyone. I'm off to my first reptile expo in a few weeks so I guess I'll be keeping my eyes open for a Sunglow and some DH Snows too maybe.


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                Re: Sunglow x Albino question

                even if you dont plan on breeding albino X albino, or albino X sunglow, but plan on breeding albino to something else, i would make sure the breeder has outcrossed their albinos as much as possible, like it was stated earlier deformities dont just happen with albinos.