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Help... Future Breeding Prospects!?

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  • Help... Future Breeding Prospects!?

    So ,over the last 6 months I have made my a hard decision to cut my collection and start working on one thing. Boas of course were the decision!!

    So over the last little bit i Put together a:

    Super Salmon DH Sunglow 1.0
    Super Salmon White Smoke Genetic Strip 100% Het Albino 0 . 1
    Pastel 100% het Albino 0.1

    who can help on What i have to add or what can i make outta this...

    I wanna produce Sunglows Genetic Stripe, and SuperSalmon Stipes, and albino Stripes..

    I was thinking about adding a pair of albinos to the collection!?

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    Re: Help... Future Breeding Prospects!?

    with what you have and what you wanna produce, i think ya got it right only bad thing is, at least IMO, is when you breed two hets togteher, the babies are only possible hets, instead of 100% hets. also IMO, since it seems you like salmons and hypos, instead of buying a pair of albinos, buy a pair of sunglows instead. the prices now for sunglows are very afforable, even for really nice ones. when you use the sunglows wtih the supers, you will get at least half the babies being super hypos or super sunglows, and teh rest will be hypos....instead of all the babies only being hypos or sunglows. then if you still wanna produce albinos, you can plug a sunglow into that pastel het albino and still get both albinos and sunglows, and pastel albinos and pastel sunglows, the pastel and hypo genes usually make really nice, clean, colorful babies

    anywho, thats what i would do lol.


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      Re: Help... Future Breeding Prospects!?

      Ok, Thanks that was awsome... I have another question.. Sorry .. Im a newb with it comes to boas.. If i breed 100% hets to 100% hets can i get anything besides hets..

      I used to breed balls.. and thats what i used to do .. Take Hets to hets and get somthing of interest! I breed albinos this way in the balls..?



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        Re: Help... Future Breeding Prospects!?

        Het to Het breeding will produce Homozygous Albino Boas and
        66% possible hets

        25% of the litter statistically will be albino therefore the remaining 75% of
        the litter which is 3/4 of the litter will be 66% possible hets

        Why 66% because of the remaining 3/4 of a the litter 2 out of 3 babies will
        carry the Albino trait , that is where 66% possible het comes from

        But they will all look normal so you can't tell with certainty which 2 out of 3
        babies will carry the Albino trait

        Thus 66% Possible het

        Lar M
        Boas By Klevitz