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Looking for a "Red" Boa

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  • Looking for a "Red" Boa

    Hey all ,

    I have no clue what boa would have intense red in a boa besides bloodys ..
    I dont like the crunched patterns on the bloods and leopards..

    What other boas or lines out there that are red and get redder when they get older and that has a clean pattern.

    EBV line "if i said that right lol "???

    Aaron R.

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    Re: Looking for a "Red" Boa

    EBV salmons are fairly red. Tony's inferno pastel line has produced some pretty red babies. Also, Jeff Ronne's monster tail hypos have a nice amount of red in them.


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      Re: Looking for a "Red" Boa

      i would look for a nice hypo, they all look different, some are brown, some are pink, some are peachy, and some are red. i have one of each lol, but the red one is by far my fave


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        Re: Looking for a "Red" Boa

        Thanks guys..

        EVERYONE KEEP THE ADVICE COMMING >>If you have links to sites of them for sell that would be awsome.

        Ill have to give Jeff a call.


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          Re: Looking for a "Red" Boa

          Try Trey Stowell's Cherry Salmon Line...they are WICKED red as well as his normals!...Sofia and Bacon are from his line.

          08 Female Sofia...a NORMAL from his Cherry Salmon Litter

          08 Male BACON...he IS a Cherry Salmon

          Here is his aol addy

          [email protected]

          Good Luck!

 Where you will find Available Boas to my Magik BBQ Sauce!


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            Re: Looking for a "Red" Boa

            ya Jeff makes some really high red monster tails and if not look at a cherry salmon or like b said the inferno line so pretty much what everyone else said


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              Re: Looking for a "Red" Boa

              Thanks again everyone.