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  • new morph?

    i have a male bci about 5 feet in length. he shows an amazing fire red right on a oale sliverish blue. however when he is "fired up" his back(otherwise blue) turns a tint of green. Does anyone no if this is a new morph or if there are any females out there with this coloration? i would be very interested in producing these colors

    p.s. i m sry for the lack of a digital camera, hope to get one soon

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    Re: new morph?

    well i doupht any one can tell you with out a pic but im not sure


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      Re: new morph?

      Well lets look at the simple meaning of a morph.... A morph would be a trait that proves genetic in the form of a recessive or dominate trait. Albino is an example of a recessive trait, Hypomelanistic is a sample of a dominate trait..

      Not to be confused with simple genetics, which affects each individual boa. Abberent patterns, such as wild striping and coloring, are surely genetic, because it is the genes that caused the abberent patterns to start with. But being a morph or a true recessive/dominate trait is another thing altogether. Aberrent patterns rarely prove to be a morph... Sure it can happen, but it would be rare in my opinion. Just as sure as genetics caused you to have brown hair/brown eyes.. genetics will affect each individual.. But those traits that predetermine factors even before conception are definately on the morph side of things.

      So a morph trait would be passed on to the offspring. Everytime. Either through recessive or dominate genes...

      I think the understanding is that there are a tremendous amount of variants or abberent patterns/colors...

      Only time and selective breeding can determine if it is truly a "new" morph.
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