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  • Novice HERP lover

    I am very new at caring for snakes. but as I read somewhere, they are like "Lays potatoe chips" You can't buy just one. Well I am on number three, two red tails and a ball python. I have searched the website and looked at all of the different morphs of boas, but have not found any that look like the latest baby male that I just got yesterday. It is very unusual looking, and I wish I could download a picture, but don't have the proper equipment. So if anyone can email me back after I describe him I would appreciate it. He is darder in color in the saddles, which are very well pronounced, and he has a darker tail than most red tails that I have seen, and he has a pinkish,peach stripe starting at his mouth and going all the way down his sides. Very little flecking and vibrant, not dull color to his entire body. So he doesn't have a washed out look, it is a real beautiful snake. I know it would help to have pics, but maybe, if I can get a friend to help scan some. any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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    Re: Novice HERP lover

    Sounds like you may have a pastel cross breed.  Like you said, pictures would help, so the sooner you can get them the sooner we all can help.  I am only attempting a guess at the breed based on your description, but from what you described as the coloration I would venture to say that there is some pastel bloodline in your snake.  I am not extremely knowledgeable in morphs or breeds, I'm just telling you what I have read and researched.  I know that Clay or Xzylum would be better at helping you, especially with pictures.

    You're right about them being like Lay's potato chips, you CAN'T have just one!!  Good luck with your new RTB.