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Boas vs. Ball Pythons

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  • Boas vs. Ball Pythons

    Could anyone who has both boas and ball pythons please contrast and compare these two species?

    1. How does disposition compare?
    2. How does variety of colors compare?
    3. How does size compare?
    4. How does feeding compare?

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    Re: Boas vs. Ball Pythons

    They are both nice and really can't be compared just as people. Each are different in their own way. I think you misunderstood my email also. I never said that Boas made better pets. What I said was I like Boas best. That is an opinion. Just as you will have your own. There really is no difference in tempermant. Any snake that is handled gently and frequently will be tame.


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      Re: Boas vs. Ball Pythons

      I have to say that they are both just the same as far as temprament go's. I have herd and experenced ball pythons having a lil' more of a eating problem(this is of course on the per snake basis) As far as color go's nether are like corn snakes but I have noticed that most of the different types of ball pythons are just a lil' more costly but not much.. But there is a lil' more types of boas I think.. And as far as size go's I don't know because my redtails are not full grown.. But I hear if you look in the right places that you could get a ball that has a chance of getting like 6' but that is rare. Now I have a question About how big do columbian red tail boas get? I hope I could help..
      P.s. I would not want to be in your possion trying to choose between a ball python and a redtail boa.. Yikes! cwm12.gif


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        Re: Boas vs. Ball Pythons

        i own a ball python that i have had now for 9 years and i own a red tail boa. i would definitely have to say that ball pythons generally tend to be very secretive snakes. they will usually hide all day and then come out at night. ball pythons can be problem feeders(mostly wild caught) and there is a definate difference is size. ball pythons usually average between 3-5 feet. depending on your type of boa they can range from 5 feet up to 12feet. from what i have observed boas are less secretive and are easier to convert to frozen/thawed food. i would say that balls and bci's are very good starter snakes because of there temperment and there mid size. also dont forget to always buy CAPTIVE BRED animals!!!


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          Re: Boas vs. Ball Pythons

          Guess which type snake is the most commonly kept python in the world? Guess which type of snake that the most money ever has been paid? Guess which snake can sell for the least amount of money? Which snake type has the most colors/patterns/morphs currently available? What type of snake has the largest internet forum dedicated to it?

          Well according to Reptiles Magazine's current issue, it is the ball python. It is a great issue by the way and I encourage everyone to get it.

          Wild caught import ball pythons sell on the average of 5 to 9 dollars as wholesale to pet stores, who tend to mark them up drastically. The biggest majority of ball python sold are wild caught imports. Almost 100,000 are imported every year.

          The largest amount of money ever paid for a snake was $150,000.00 for a leucristic ball python, that is solid white with black eyes.

          I had ball pythons early on in life, but they never had the personality I was looking for. Just my personal opinion. They don't call them "ball" pythons for nothing. Mine spent about 95% of their time in this ball. And one was a picky eater.

          But then I held a boa constrictor for the first time, and he crawled up my arm and neck and just "hung out" there and I had to force him back into the enclosure when I was done. This was a basic little CA boa, and nothing special. But I was hooked. And as they say.. The rest is history.

          It is all personal preferences, likes and dislikes. I personally believe boas are much more active, like to be held a lot, are great eaters, even easily converted to frozen/thawed. And although they are considered one of the large boids, I really consider them to be mid-range sized, especially when fed properly.

          My choice? Well that's not fair. I am biased on that issue.
          To gain knowledge is good, but to share knowledge is wise

          -Best Regards
          -Clay English
          Founder 1998-2013


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            Re: Boas vs. Ball Pythons

            I have seen that article and found it to be very interesting. The thing that made me see fire was how they glorified the importation of them. They really should have stressed that we should not be buying the imports. There is a ton of people breeding these snakes in captivity and we need to be more cautious now when buying them. Wild Caught Royal Pythons should not be brought here and it really makes me cwm8.gif


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              Re: Boas vs. Ball Pythons

              Hay TC that sucks did you cwm8.gif All over that issue of reptile mag...
              ERIC aka....Red


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                Re: Boas vs. Ball Pythons

                Figured I would drop in here & give my 2 cents <hahaha if it is worth that:} > to this subject since I have both
                I have 2 red tails & a ball python. My ball python, is definitely more secretive then the redtails, but it generally depends on a number of things Like, when "he" ate, temp, etc :} As far as handling. .  My ball is VERY sweet))) So are my redtails. . . I always use care reaching in to pick them up, but in my experience w/these 3 snakes, they are about the same as far as handling.
                My red tails have eaten wonderfully for me since I got them Same for my ball. I have heard of problem feeders & sometimes I have also heard they are more often then not, BUT this one I have now has ben great. I DID have a baby ball I got a few yrs ago that would STRIKE at me & I was too chicken to hold him:O But I think he was ill . . I also didn't have the internet then <well got it soon after> & I knew NOTHING compared to what I do now  cwm4.gif
                Shedding was my prob w/my ball . . However, his last was a couple days ago & went 100x better then the previous 3x!!
                I have NO complaints on either one
                Size may be something to consider if that were something to take into account:} Both my redtails will have 6ft <long> cages after our move & we get settled. .  No Feet <my ball> will have @  4ft. . .  will give him something to climb on because he does use his branch quite a bit. . :} I **believe** it had been said the redtails generally get @ 8ft, but can be larger. Balls I have heard average 4-6 depending on sex, but also have been larger.
                oh Colors . . well they are both beautiful & have a bit of variety. . . My ball is the plain old "gold" & black, but he is gorgeous after a good shed))) Same with my redtails!! They are AWESOME after a shed
                Oh! Another comment on feeding. . the redtails took over to F/T easily. My ball python took awhile but a couple mos ago, I got him eating F/T FINALLY Then, 3 (or4???) feedings ago I got him to take a rat pink & he has been on rats since I have heard some balls don't seem to take to F/T, but I believe it is TC who thinks they will all give in:} Mine did Patience & persistence. . .:}


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                  Re: Boas vs. Ball Pythons

                  Oh yea..... btw, BOAS RULE!!


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                    Re: Boas vs. Ball Pythons

                    albino retic is outdated slash
                    75 grand!? hah the leucistic ball was 150 grand


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                      Re: Boas vs. Ball Pythons

                      I have one of each and the ball is good when I get him out but sometimes he will lunge at you when you first reach in.My red
                      tail the most he will do is kinda crawl away tillhe realize its out
                      time then you cant get him near his home to put him back.My ball,is very light hands down when it comes to colors the red
                      tail wins it hands down.sizemy redtail is amale so he is slender but my male ball is real thick.feeding,well the ball took sometime
                      he didnt want to eat ,now he eats in a frenzy he probably would
                      eat everyday if I would give it to him.My redtail was agreat eater right from the start and it was real easy to change him
                      to ft rats. the ball he still wants nothing to do with frozen. best
                      of luck on your choices,or present snakes. 8)


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                        Re: Boas vs. Ball Pythons

                        I own both.  

                        My ball python doesn't like to eat rats but loves mice. My ball is active at night, & loves to be handled. My ball always stares at me every night until I get her out and handle her for awhile. She's very sweet. My Ball is 1 year and 2 1/2 months old and is 36 inches long. But very touchy about her head, as are most ball pythons.

                        My Boa is much like my ball python, she is very sweet, loves to be handled stares at me all day and night except when she is asleep. Loves to eat rats, I easily conveted her over to pre-killed.  Not touchy about her head. My boa is currently eating small rats, is 9 1/2 months old and is 37 and 1/2 inches in length.

                        Neither of my snakes have even attempted to bite me ;D.

                        But like everyone else has said each individual snake is different, but in general, both the RTB and Ball Python are very much alike. The main difference is size, eating habits, and colors.
                        Ball Pythons will usually go off feed for the winter months. RTBs usually never go off feed, atleast to my knowledge.

                        Hope this helps 8)


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                          Re: Boas vs. Ball Pythons

                          Well, I myself think that the BOAS are much prettier than the pythons. But to tell u the truth I think the ball's are definitely worth buying in fact heres whats on my XMAS list....

                          Emerald Tree Boa

                          Albino Boa

                          Ball Python

                          Burmeise Python

                          California King

                          I wanted a reticulated but Im no wear near ready to handle one of them beasts.


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                            Re: Boas vs. Ball Pythons

                            I currently have both BCI's and Ball Pythons.  The BP's are definitely shy and secretive and are picky eaters when it comes to live vs. frozen/thawed.  My BCI's however, are not 'secretive', love to be held, and are just all around friendly snakes and easy to feed anything.  There is nothing like having a friendly Boa slithering around your shoulders...
                            Here's one of my BCI's, Boscoe: He's a 'Plain' ordinary $75 boa...


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                              Re: Boas vs. Ball Pythons

                              Here's Matilda, one of my BP's,