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Albino Hogg's?

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  • Albino Hogg's?

    has anyone ever heard of them? is there such a thing as a pure hogg albino(one that is not mixed with any other species of boa)? Also, are albinos in their own classification or are they just variations of others (ex. columbians, hoggs, surinames)?

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    Re: Albino Hogg's?

    I don`t think so.I have once seen a foto where a het for albino hogg was breeding with an albino boa.So there must be albino hoggs but I don`t think there are "pure" ones.


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      Re: Albino Hogg's?

      No known occurances of albino hogg island boa constrictors.

      While there maybe breeding crosses in the works that would create offspring that could produce these, they would always be an albino cross, and never a true albino hogg island.

      Also remember that albino is a morph, and not a species or locale. An albino boa constrictor imperator, is still an imperator.

      Also the hogg island boas are a naturally occuring hypomelanistic boa constrictor.... This trait is a morph in other locales, but with the hogg it is it's normal phase..
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