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albino red tail boas

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  • albino red tail boas

    we are interested in an albino boa baby does anyone know the average cost of one to purchase, i checked clays site but it doesnt have any listed so i couldnt get the prices he had listed for last seasons babies. any info is appreciated.

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    Re: albino red tail boas

    A albino is going to run you about $1000 depending on who you buy it from.
    Check out it will give you an idea on all the diff albinos out there and their cost.



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      Re: albino red tail boas

      you can also check jeff ronne's albinos at
      he only has a paradox available now, but you can see what the others sold for.


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        Re: albino red tail boas

        Well you have 2 albino strains to choose between.One is the "Original Strain" or the "Kahl Strain".It was produced by Peter Kahl in the 60s I think.Anyway these albios dont have as colorfull markings as the "Sharp Strain" .The "Sharp Strain" was produced by Brian Sharp and has a bit darker markings.
        A Kahl boa will cost you form 800 to 1500dollars.
        A Sharp boa will cost you from1500 to 2500dollars.
        Then its up to the breeder what he asks for the sankes but these are the aprox. prices.


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          Re:albino red tail boas

          You can also check the classifieds at or go to and that will give you some ideas on different prices and such...