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Which BCC is the best?

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  • Which BCC is the best?

    (peruvian, suriname, guyana) Which one is the best to keep?

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    Re: Which BCC is the best?

    Yes! ;D

    Not sure which one is the best, probably personal choice is the only difference between keepers.

    Some BCC's are known to be a little more tempermental than others, but most if raised from a baby will do fine.

    Check the locale that appeals to you the most, as far as size, patterns, color, and as with all BCC's, one with a killer tail.

    Hey and all this advice from a true BCI guy! ;D
    To gain knowledge is good, but to share knowledge is wise

    -Best Regards
    -Clay English
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      Re: Which BCC is the best?

      After what I know THe difference between the Guyana and Surinams is that the guyana has a nicer body and the surinam has a nicer tail.
      But they are almost alike because its only a political border anyway.
      But the Peruvians are different.First of all they are bigger and they often have "mutations in the pattern.


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        Re: Which BCC is the best?

        Are there any good BCC breeders out there?