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Pastel?  Please help Clay!

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  • Pastel?  Please help Clay!

    I posted this on one of the other forums, but thought this forum was a better choice. Not trying to double post or be troll, just wanted your opinions. This is a full body pic, I will also post a closeup of midbody and a closeup of the tail. All help will be greatly appreciated. BTW she is 7 months old. I bought her at the All Ohio Reptile Show yesterday, the breeder said he was going to hold her back, but he already had 30 breeders so he had no more room.

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    Closeup of mid body

    Her colors are much better on this pic. Still not even close to her true color, but it was the best I could get.


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      Closeup of tail

      This shows her colors the best. Look at the orange between the saddles on her tail! What do you think? Pastel or not. BTW no suriname in her, just a bci.


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        Re: Pastel?  Please help Clay!

        Definately. That boa has all the attributes of a pastel boa. Reduced black throughout, especially the saddles, which appear as tan/light brown instead of black/dark brown. Also nice pastel highlights throughout the body. I would call her a pastel.

        Now the trick is to see if those traits are passed on to first generation offspring. True Pastel bloodlines will pass those attributes to the babies.
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          Thanks Clay!

          I trust your answers, that is why I came here first. I will probably buy a male pastel from you whenever you have some more available. As soon as they are born, PLEASE contact me so I can pick mine out ASAP. I'm going to see whether or not she carries the pastel gene. Once again, thanks for your prompt response! Hope the breeding season goes well for you.


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            Re: Pastel?  Please help Clay!

            Hey B3, if this is the same one you posted in the other forum about striking the side of the cage after feeding 2 pinky rats, then...

            She seems (to ME!) ready for rat pups or even a small rat. I have one about identical in size is she eats a small rat every week. The two pinkies might not be enough for her. Just an opinion, and by no means an expert here...


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              I know

              I breed rats. One time, I left the male rat in with babies for a cople days, and he did not take care of them. Instead of wasting them, I put them in the freezer. Now, I have about 20 rat pinks, and only one snake small enough to eat them. I have frozen small rats, I am just finishing up the pinky rats first. As soon as those are gone, I'll start feeding her small rats. I will feed her 3 pinky rats a week until they are gone. This is the same snake as in the other forum.



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                Re: Pastel?  Please help Clay!

                And I forgot to say : WHAT A PRETTY SNAKE!!!


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                  Re: Pastel?  Please help Clay!

                  Thanks for the compliment. My favorite girl!