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Warning about J_K_Larson!!!

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  • Warning about J_K_Larson!!!

    Just in case you didn't go to the link about him in an earlier post, or hear about him somewhere else, he is a scam artist. His real name is Jesse Underhill. We now know that he hangs out on this forum, so put your name on all pics you post, or he will misrepresent them as his own animals. He sells boas as hets that are just normal boas. He takes your money and never sends you the snake(s). He puts pics of other people's animals on his website and claims that they are his. This guy is a big-time rip off!!! Bob Clark has already banned him from his forums. I think he has been banned from kingsnake. Be careful. He has many alieses, and will rip you off any way he can think of. This guy should never be allowed within 100 feet of any reptile! Also, there are other people like him. Just be very careful when you buy.