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We're lost!!!!!!

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  • We're lost!!!!!!

    Most of you have seen (Silky) Our albino female boa.We purchased a male hypo het for albino,,, Female  anerythreistic het for albino,,Plus  another male albino this week for future breeding.

    Here's where we are lost the Hypo het will breed with Silky

    The albino male will breed with the anerythreistic het albino

    What would we get from the two pairs?

    We've heard alot of things but would like too know from someone that knows what they are talking about.We have headaches from think so much about this.Katie Larson

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    Re: We're lost!!!!!!

    from the first breeeding albino x hypo het albino
    ull get some sunglows,albinos,hypos,and normals het albino

    from the albino x anery het albino
    youl get 50% albinos het for anery and 50% double het for snow


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      Re: We're lost!!!!!!

      Thank you Boaguy12 ;D now my headache will stop.Now we can't till we breed them in 3 to 4 years.Jon Larson


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        Re: We're lost!!!!!!

        follow this very very very important linka nd you won't be lost anymore


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          Re: We're lost!!!!!!

          hey Jesse, why dont you get the hell off this site and off the internet completely. You sorry sack of S. We all knew you were a B!&*H but impersonating a woman, someone has a problem. You already ruined your life, why dont you save the little pride you have and go be a crash test dummy or something.
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          And jesse, you have something to say to me, you know where to find me cwm23.gif


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            Re: We're lost!!!!!!

            The only thing I can think to compare this guy to is a colony of roaches.... Killing them off one by one doesn't do anything to solve the problem...... They just keep coming back! cwm21.gif...

            ...Eventually you realize that fumigation will be necessary....

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            "Dulce' Decorum Est".... It's the only way he'll ever learn...


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              Yes you are lost!

              Go back to whatever roach colony you came from, and quit scamming people. We are sick of your crap. I wish I could be the one to bust your sorry ***!