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Kahl or Sharp Strain?... Opinions PLEASE!!!

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  • Kahl or Sharp Strain?... Opinions PLEASE!!!

    This is Sooki, our supposedly Sharp strain 2001 male albino boa, named after the main character in the Little Golden Book "The Saggy Baggy Elaphant". Now for those not familiar with the story, Sooki, a saggy, baggy little elephant wanders through the jungle, not knowing what he is and asking various animals along the way if they know. They don't know anything except that he is NOT one of them. Finally he finds a pack of elephants that take him in, and he realizes what he is, living his life out happily ever after ;D ....

    The receipt we have from when we bought this guy states that he is Sharp strain. But for now I would like to have some fresh opinions from all of you... Here are some post shed pics of him from a couple of days ago... PLEASE let me know what you think!

    So.... Kahl or Sharp strain??? What doyou think?

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    Re: Kahl or Sharp Strain?... Opinions PLEASE!!!

    I like the sharp baby's better... but when it comes to adults I just don't know... I would say that is a kahl because of the tail marking's look like the one's kahl has... but this is just a guess... I own no albino's... well I have albino okeetee corn snake...
    Eric aka....Red


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      Re: Kahl or Sharp Strain?... Opinions PLEASE!!!

       That is a really nice looking boa's, the lines an color are so faint, but the pattern is really clean, so my guess its a type of Kahl strain,  wow, after reading the post about albinos if you don't get the strain right you'll proably have a bunch of normal looking boa's?? if you breed a kahl you'll need another ditto for sharp to sharp..
      is there any way to see the papers on the parents??


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        Re: Kahl or Sharp Strain?... Opinions PLEASE!!!

        I dont think there is any way of know the bloodline by just looking. Ive been to both Sharps and Kahls web site and I cant tell the diff. of there normal albino.

        The best thing to do when buying such a expensive snake is to only buy from someone you trust.